Barco Level 1 Certified - Installation and Basic Maintenance Xenon & Smart Laser

Certification for Barco Xenon Series 2 projectors and Smart Laser projectors: installation and basic maintenance

Course description

This course provides certification for Barco Xenon series 2 projectors and Smart Laser projectors. The participants will be trained on both technologies: Xenon lamp-based projectors and Smart laser source. They will know how to install, calibrate and maintain properly Xenon and Smart laser projectors.


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Target audience

Service engineers


Course Overview

Day 1

  • Digital Cinema introduction: DCI architecture and specifications
  • Overview of the projector’s portfolio: Xenon, Laser, High Contrast Version…
  • Projector Hardware: Elca Box, Light engine, Optics, Lens, Light Source (first day = Xenon).
  • Lamp house: Xenon installation and replacement.
  • Projector Interface: Communicator
  • Barco Tool: Lens calculator, Calculator sheet (define the right projector for the right screen)…
  • Projector installation: site survey, electrical connections, environment (exhaust, ambient air)

Day 2

  • Projector installation: Hands on.
  • Physical connections, mechanical alignment.
  • Lamp alignment to maximum quality (brightness, Uniformity…)
  • Focus, Convergence, Color Calibration, Color Verification, Presets creation.
  • Hands on alone.

Day 3:

  • Laser introduction. How Laser phosphor technology works? 
  • Laser Light source: overview of all the components: Laser banks, phosphor wheel, cooling, optics…
  • Highlight on retrofit: remove of Xenon components and installation of Laser parts (Light source, LDM, Laser controller Board, Cooler).
  • Focus on Laser calibration: How to achieve best quality for new installations and retrofit? White point calibration, SCC file…
  • Second Hands on session.

Day 4

  • Updates.
  • Scheduled maintenance: maintenance A, B, C
  • Test: theory (30 questions both on Xenon and Laser).
  • Test: practical part. Purpose: align correctly a Xenon or Smart Laser projector (mechanical alignment, brightness, focus, Convergence, Colors, Presets creation…).

Training details

4 days
Spoken language(s)
Barco Level 1 Certified - Installation and basic maintenance Xenon and Smart Laser (note: this does not include retrofit). Valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Why consider Barco training?

A fundamental part of our internal staff education, Barco certification training has also proven to be of significant value for salespeople, operators, technicians, and service engineers employed by business partners, customers and consultancy agencies.