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Digital signage

In today’s highly competitive cinema world, having the best possible image on the big screen simply isn’t enough. Moviegoers expect a premium cinema experience from entrance to exit. Attractive in-theater infotainment is an important element in creating this immersive movie experience.

Digital signage for movie theaters

Barco has designed a turnkey digital signage system, featuring integrated modules for content creation, distribution and display. Built on a scalable, flexible platform, it offers you unlimited creative freedom to design eye-popping signage and graphics that will turn your cinema into a revenue-generating entertainment center.

Why you'll love our turnkey digital signage technology

  • One solution for content creation, distribution & display
  • Central and local access, scalable to your theater's size and needs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reliable hardware for maximum uptime
  • Most reliable system on the market


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Digital signage

Digital signage

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