Deliver breathtaking cinema experiences

Cinema is all about creating a unique entertainment experience. And that's exactly what Cinionic delivers.

Cinionic unites global cinema technology leaders Barco, CGS and ALPD. Cinionic's mission is to provide theaters around the world with the means to create everlasting movie memories in the post-VPF era.

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Barco laser projectors: the know-how to wow

Razor-sharp imagery and optimized picture quality, no lamp replacements, energy efficiency... Laser projection has many different benefits. Barco and Cinionic continue to invest in laser innovations for every cinema screen for the long-term. It’s a safe and future-ready investment that brings value to you and your audience.

Discover the biggest portfolio of laser cinema projectors in the industry and learn why others switched to laser. 


Barco Series 4: next-generation laser projection for all cinema screens

Every theater and its audience deserve to revel in the brilliance of laser projectors. Barco Series 4 is a complete range of smart cinema projectors that deliver outstanding image quality and worry-free operation. Cinionic makes 4K RGB laser accessible for all cinema screens. With stunning 2K or 4K resolution, future-proof technology, smart power management, and much more.

Find out how Barco Series 4 can change your cinema experience and operations. 


Laser Light Upgrade for Barco Series 2

Cinionic’s Laser Upgrade Kits provide your moviegoers with the best possible visual experience that stays consistent over time. It’s about more than just light. Your laser mission is possible. The laser upgrade to your existing Series 2 lamp projectors takes less than one day.

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Discover the full range of Barco cinema projectors and solutions from Cinionic

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