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This year's ISE marked a milestone in 90 years of Barco innovation with the launch two new projection platforms and a new image processing solution. Three innovations with one common goal. They all expand the experience significantly, while also reducing TCO, energy consumption and operational hassle.

Soon you'll be able to experience the I600 and QDX projectors, and the Encore3 switcher for yourself.

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Featured products


Our new I600 is visioneered with your specific content in mind. With its focus on premium image quality, multichannel compatibility and its compact size, this single-chip projection platform is your perfect pick fit for a wide range of applications.


Our next-gen 3DLP projection platform QDX is quality redefined in visual experiences. Brighter.  Sharper.  Lighter.  Faster. Resulting in immersive projections that leave audiences in awe. 


With our newest Encore3, screen management just became increasingly versatile.  Yes, we heard the ‘we want more’ call of all you live event AV professionals. Here’s our answer: broader canvas space, more system resources, better flexibility. Better, faster, stronger - all boxed into one future-proof solution, for expanded peace of mind.

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