The Pulse Projector Platform provides custom integrators a unique unified user experience across projector models that allows an unprecedented level of remote control over the projector from the best seat in the house, or from any remote location, to be able to truly finetune the best level of performance for their customers’ high end home theaters and media rooms. This feature is called Prospector. Pulse offer a unique web interface called Prospector. Prospector is a lot more than a basic user interface. It offers a full overview of all the features you find inside the projector. It offers monitor options as well as setup options.

You can easily do a full installation of the projector from any computer/pad or phone with touch control and Wi-Fi access. Prospector uses a modern true bidirectional communication protocol called JSON-RPC 2.0. 

With the help of prospector, a user can easily extract the exact command to control a projector from a control system directly from the projector and the command will always work because when a projector is upgraded the command to control it which is part of the projector’s interface will be updated automatically with it.