A beautiful cinema done by De Opera Domotica

This cinema features a very nice design, all done by Dutch AV integrator, De Opera Domotica. They have been doing this for over 20 years and are known for design, quality, comfort, ease of use, safety and security.

The cinema is equipped with a fantastic sounding Wisdom Audio system and our new Njord projector. Thanks to its 12500 lumens with 100% DCI/P3 coverage it delivers stunning images on the 4.85m wide scope screen easily delivering at 55fL for HDR and 25 fL for SDR content.

The majority of De Opera Domostica assignments consist of a total project, to achieve a safe and comfortable living environment. Yet they also have dozens of home cinemas (and several CEDIA awards) under their belt. Every professional Private Cinema is unique and can be set up entirely according to your own wishes.

Enjoy the below pictures and read more about De Opera Domotica at: https://www.deoperadomotica.nl/.