2016. 6. 29.

Pat Montgomery on unifying breast imaging

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As an advocate for women’s health and after years spent in the industry, I’ve come to realize that the field of breast imaging is probably one of the most challenging medical environments, especially with the shift to digital mammography.

Digital mammographic images require the highest resolution and brightest grayscale monitors for review, while images from supporting modalities such as breast ultrasound and breast MRI require monitors that support color display. As multimodality breast imaging has proven to improve breast cancer detection rate, it is increasingly critical to provide radiologists with easy access to every type of breast imaging exam.
In short, breast MR, ultrasound, and 2D/3D mammography images, including breast tomosynthesis, need to work together on a single color display certified for mammography in order to achieve a more effective diagnosis. That’s challenge number one. Additional challenges include the real estate of the monitor (being able to compare multiple screening exams on one screen) as well as physical stress and a growing workload for radiologists in general. 

The game changer? Coronis Uniti 

Luckily there is a new day dawning in the world of radiology thanks to Barco’s Coronis Uniti display system. Never before have radiologists had a tool that provided this much real estate with the image quality that comes as a result of the 12MP display and the boost in brightness. That in itself might seem like a lot to deliver to the market, but the Coronis Uniti doesn’t stop there. It allows radiologists to visualize studies in grayscale as well as color. Now THAT is the real game changer. 

In this article, I dive into the technical features of Barco’s Coronis Uniti display and discuss its clinical benefits with multiple breast imaging experts. We are all convinced that Coronis Uniti is a major step in the right direction for improved workflow and patient care.