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Screen management in any lobby & experience center: flexible, flawless and fast

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The lobby of an enterprise is increasingly gaining importance. Now more than ever, businesses need to make an emotional connection with visitors and staff the moment they walk in the door. Businesses need to promote the quality and creativity of their brand, as well as their corporate values. Why not impress at first sight, upon entering the office building in a company lobby or when showcasing products in a splendid experience center where you have several screens at your disposal to dazzle potential customers and partners? These spaces remain the most impactful platforms for communication to your audiences with engaging messages and stunning content.

Adding professional screen management in any combination with projection, LCD or LED in your lobby or experience center enables you to create beautiful layouts and customize the content to your needs, 24/7. You will win the hearts of prospects, clients, vendors, strategic partners and potential employees that walk in and out of your office daily with an impressive branded experience, a welcoming message, or even an inspiring townhall session.

Screen management systems bring your informative content to the next level. They capture the content, process, scale and put it in your desired layout and distribute this to the lobby wall. This is all done with an unseen flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-maintenance.

Solutions for any type of lobby

The corporate lobby is a social hub and with its screens it gets your content message across. That message can be just about anything, ranging from just sharing practical information to trying to dazzle with engaging video. For every type of screen, Barco has a matching screen management system at your disposal: from small to large displays, to drive only one or several walls, in HD, 4K or a custom format, for every type of input & output...

  • In a Welcome lobby the content should be both company-branded and informative. You mainly want to inform visitors through navigation or signage, on company guidelines and regulations. You typically also display social media feeds, dashboards, marketing material & campaigns like a compelling company video or a stunning backdrop.
  • A Branding lobby makes a lasting impression on the visitors that enter your building. It’s all about impressing with impressive multimedia and video content. Your entrance focuses on brand image and customized content. Your brand colors need to be on point and the transitions need to be flawless.
  • The Townhall lobby or corporate experience center is a flexible space. It combines a welcome and/or branding lobby with a multi-purpose space where you can have occasional events, keynote speeches or townhall meetings with your staff. When hosting such a meeting or event in the lobby, you can use video and live footage via video camera, so the content you display can be both static and informative or dynamic and engaging.

The Barco S3-4K and E2 Gen 2 presentation switchers give you that wide flexibility and high scalability you pursue for any of the above lobby screens. Your branded backgrounds can be live video or a still image in high resolution and quality. On top of them, you can mix in still or live video content anywhere on the screen with multiple layers, without degradation of color, format or details. When your content is king, you want a high-quality visual experience, ‘real’ seamless transitions and zero limitations in layout. Barco’s S3-4K and E2 offer that freedom to play with graphics, logos and text in easily recallable custom-made layouts and presets. Switching between these customized layouts is also easy and intuitive, even from personal devices.

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Very often custom shaped LED screens, e.g. very wide or very odd shaped LED screens are used in lobbies. These screens, up to 8192 pixels wide can be easily connected via DisplayPort 1.2 connectors thanks to our ‘Super Wide Inputs’ feature. Get rid of the complexity in connections compared to standard screen set-ups, by only requiring one connector instead of several in this type of wide set-up. Additionally, by using the AOI feature (Area Of Interest) you size your output to match the exact custom LED resolution, while sending a standard timing to be understood by any device (HD, UHD or 4K). No risk of your image partly being cut off from the LED screen when using standard computers and sources. Of course, all inputs will be “scaled” or resized to the AOI and perfectly fit the screen thanks to the renowned Barco Athena™ scaling technology.

If you organize an event which is taking place in different rooms (e.g. in the lobby and in an auditorium), you can run the event from the same place, saving you time and operator cost. Thanks to our ‘Multi-Operator’ function, you can manage several screens in your Townhall lobby, control their respective content easily and take over when necessary. If you organize internal events and townhall sessions, dealing with multiple sources should be simple. During live presentations, you want full control and zero failure. When integrating a camera during a live speaker slot, no production switcher is needed. With broadcast-style workflows incorporated, the E2 is really all you need. And on top of that, the Multi-Operator feature makes sure each operator only affects their part of the system, so operators don’t cause conflicts during the live event.

An ImagePRO-4K gives same quality and flexibility as our above bigger units but in a smaller package with front panel control. It also easily scales, converts and switches the highest quality signals for your always-on LED wall, effectively solving glitches before they even occur. When you only have one or two 4K or smaller screens in your lobby and require a maximum of 4 input sources, the ImagePRO-4K promises to make your display shine. Ensuring clean and fast transitions between multiple sources and performing the best-in-class scaling and cropping, you’ll always show off with stunning 4K images. Since our solutions have modular input and output options we can convert and scale all common interfaces in 4K video, making the slicing and dicing an easier task while retaining the perfect image and frame sync.

Reliability for the win in your lobby

The Barco Event Master presentation switchers and the ImagePRO-4K and EX scaling solutions are the most reliable on the market for your 24/7 lobby applications in the workplace, hotels and casino’s or any other venue. With thousands of units in the field at major brands and live events, our systems are proven to function in even the harshest of environments.

The E2 and S3 also have an automatic input back-up function. Back-ups for inputs and backgrounds are crucial for your live events. If one unit fails, you always have a back-up input available and you don’t need to change the preset. Read more about this in our previous blogpost where we talked about the advantages of using our screen management systems in your auditorium.

With your scalable presentation switcher, you can easily adapt to changes, reduce technical display issues and make an easy connection when new signal interfaces are introduced. So rest assure, your investment is also futureproof. Since our solutions are modular and scalable, you don’t need to invest in a new box to support a new signal type. With the “Build To Order” modularity of the E2 you can design your own configuration. Start with a single chassis and 2 cards and go up to 8 chassis with a total of 96 cards later, if needed. This all makes it the most scalable and modular system with growing capabilities on the market.

And don’t forget, if you want to use more than presets at a large event in your lobby, you can always hire a freelance technician who knows how to operate Barco’s Event Master portfolio. With many external operators that have been trained to manage E2 installation and operation, your event will be in capable hands and your events will run seamless.