This course provides certification for Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema Laser based projector installation, maintenance and full troubleshooting.

Participants learn how to install, set up, configure, troubleshoot, and provide maintenance for Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema Laser based projector explaining the differences with xenon based projectors.

Target Audience

Installation/service Engineers, NOC Engineers, Field Service Managers.


Participant must be a Barco Certified Specialist for Digital Cinema Installation & Basic Maintenance (Certificate Validation period: max 2 years!).

Take the on-line High Brightness Safety training: Cinema - Barco High Brightness Safety training


Day 1

Introduction to Laser Projection
Laser Projector Specifications
Spare Part Identification

Day 2
Board and Module Functionality
Flow Charts and Block Diagrams
Setup and Installation

Day 3

Firmware Upgrades
Error Solutions and Log Files
Board and Module Replacement
Optical Alignment

Day 4

Projector Maintenance
Testing and Certification

Barco Certified Expert (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
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기간: 4 days / 3 Days in US
가격: €2400/$1800
사용 언어: en

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