Experience the majesty of Xingtai: unveiling the spectacular “Spring from Taihang” light and shadow feast

Beijing - 2024

Kicking off 2024, the grand immersive architectural 3D mapping light and shadow show, “Spring from Taihang”, was magnificently staged. The event was presented by Xingtai Transportation Construction Group, in collaboration with Xingtai Cultural Tourism Group and Yoke Technology Group. Barco provided 26 UDX-U45LC and 4 UDX-W40 projectors, completing the 500-meter-long gigantic projection landscape.

Barco Solutions
  • 26 UDX-U45LC
  • 4 UDX-W40
Key Benefits
  • Utilizing 3-chip DLP technology with high lumens light output
  • Versatile installation possibilities to match the aspect ratios of different imaging surfaces
  • Excellent color accuracy for outstanding visual effects
  • Capable of withstanding extreme high and low temperatures


The “Spring from Taihang” show brought together an exceptional creative team with profound experience in cultural night tourism. Barco engineers meticulously planned the design and installation points for seamless blending and worked with partner Yoke Technology Group to explore innovations and breakthroughs in imaging solutions.



“Spring from Taihang” exemplifies the challenge of pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of projection mapping shows. With a total length of 500 meters and covering an area of 12,000 square meters, this show aims to redefine the very essence of visual spectacles.



The 3D projection mapping is displayed on three adjacent buildings, with wall lengths ranging from nearly 80 meters to over 170 meters and heights exceeding ten meters. The gigantic images from 26 Barco UDX-U45LC projectors cover the entire walls. Additionally, the three buildings have four towers in total. Due to a vertical depth difference of 17 meters between the towers and the walls, each tower is equipped with a Barco UDX-W40 projector. Through precise calibration by Barco engineers, the entire building facade projection achieves exquisite and consistent results. 

The Barco UDX-U45LC boasts 45,000 ISO lumens light output, designed specifically for 3D mapping, with a 4:3 aspect ratio and UXGA resolution.

The Barco UDX-W40 features 43,000 ISO lumens with WUXGA resolution, matching the 16:10 aspect ratio of the towers in this project. The projection images cover the tower walls through vertical installation.

For widescreen blending projection projects, multi-point dispersed deployment is the preferred installation method. Barco engineers, through professional calculations and planning, successfully found the optimal balance, deploying 26 projectors at five points. To minimize trapezoidal distortion, the installation points are 200 meters away from the walls. Barco provides 11:1 long-throw lenses to meet the demanding requirements of ultra-wide projection with fewer points and long projection distances.

Barco UDX series projectors utilize 3-chip DLP technology, with high brightness to meet the projection requirements of covering wide areas at long distances. They are also equipped with high-contrast optical engines, demonstrating excellent performance in color accuracy and stability, ensuring perfect interpretation of visual effects and creative ideas. Additionally, the UDX series features an internal modular design structure and high-precision components, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, providing reliable stability.



Thanks to Barco’s cutting-edge projection technology and solutions, “Spring from Taihang” elevates cultural tourism to dizzying new heights! Barco will continue to support more cities in showcasing an unforgettable journey through history and culture, redefining the essence of immersive entertainment. 

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