Projection mappings: a visual feast

What if you could bring even the most irregularly shaped objects to life? Through the artistic play with light, projection mapping can create the optical illusion of movement on any display surface. Turning common objects into dynamic attention grabbing stages. 

It's technological magic - magical technology. 

Why 3D projection mappings?

Make your projection mapping catch the eye. Explore the Barco portfolio.

customer story pictures of Ouchhh Studio’s epic Wisdom of AI Light exhibition at the Illuminate Adelaide 2022, pictures of projector installations

Our projection mapping projectors come in a wide range of brightness and resolutions. Thanks to the incredible color accuracy of their projection lasers, they are able to cover varying surfaces, from red bricks to shiny metallics. And their rugged design is the ideal solution for outdoor events.

The Forbidden City, Palace Museum, update 2020, E2 image processing

Our presentation switchers are the most advanced video processing and presentation control systems on the market today. They enable the perfect mix of virtual images with the physical world with zero-stress edge blending and image warping.

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The show must go on! Our Barco Enable - Protect - Optimize packages offer a total modular service solution guaranteeing worry-free outcomes for all parties involved.


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