8 lip 2019

Secure and easy enterprise-wide management of ClickShare and wePresent units from the Cloud

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For larger installs of ClickShare and wePresent units, the challenge is to easily maintain, manage and monitor devices, often distributed over a number of different buildings and locations. The XMS Cloud Management Platform allows IT managers to optimally and simply manage a large installed base of units from anywhere.

What is the XMS Cloud Management Platform?

The XMS Cloud Management Platform is a user-friendly device management for larger ClickShare and wePresent installs with a guaranteed straightforward user experience and useful analytics to drive the Digital Workplace. To access the XMS Cloud Management Platform, a gateway needs to be installed in the company’s IT networks. Therefore we additionally offer the XMS Edge, a hardware appliance as single gateway to the Cloud and the XMS Virtual Edge, a free software download (OVA file).

Access the XMS Management Platform 

Download the XMS Virtual Edge 

What are the advantages of managing your installs with the XMS Cloud Management Platform?

Be in control, everywhere, from anywhere

With XMS Cloud Management Platform, IT managers are always in full control of all Base Units in the network.

  • securely access and configure units real-time
  • check their health status
  • notifications - via mail, text message and on the dashboard - on the status of devices
  • easy updates to the most recent firmware without meeting downtime
  • ensure meeting room users are always enjoying the greatest meeting experience
  • one overview for entire enterprise, even if there are multi-locations

Track your return on invest

Driving the Digital workplace can be boosted with the right data. Optimize the capacity of the facility with the XMS Cloud Management Platform.

  • a personalized report on availability and utilization of Base Units
  • knowledge on user adoption of new tech
  • one view on the ROI of the collaboration experience in your enterprise

Security is key for remote device management

  • based on Microsoft Azure technology
  • our solution is penetration-tested

Is the XMS Cloud Management Platform a good match for your enterprise?
  • You have a large installed base of ClickShare and/or wePresent devices
  • The company has multiple office locations
  • ClickShare is network-integrated in your company
  • Your IT department is responsible for both UC&C and physical workspaces and Cloud management is a must

And even if device management via our Cloud solution is not possible, there is the option to use XMS Edge or XMS Virtual Edge as local management node. Only a subset of functionalities is available for this on premise management. The analytics and reports will not be available when working with XMS Edge or XMS Virtual Edge only.

How to use the XMS Cloud Management Platform?

Read more. Download the Cloud Management Security whitepaper