XMS Virtual Edge

XMS Virtual Edge

Software gateway to cloud device management for ClickShare units

XMS Virtual Edge

Software gateway to cloud device management for ClickShare units

  • Free software solution
  • Single access to XMS Cloud Management Platform
  • Secure and easy integration in existing IT networks
  • Smooth management of ClickShare and wePresent units in the company network
  • Reliable enterprise platform, designed for 24/7 operation

The XMS Virtual Edge enables a secure software gateway to the XMS Cloud Management Platform and offers more possibilities for IT managers who own a large install of ClickShare wireless collaboration devices: user-friendly device management, a guaranteed straightforward user experience and useful analytics to drive the Digital Workplace.

The challenge to easily maintain, manage and monitor devices, often distributed over a number of different buildings and locations is perfectly addressed by our XMS Cloud Management Platform. To access that XMS Cloud Management Platform, a gateway needs to be installed in the company’s IT networks. Therefore we offer the XMS Virtual Edge, a free software download (OVA file) .

Be in control, everywhere, from anywhere

With the (software) gateway to our cloud platform, IT managers are always in full control of all Base Units in the network. They can securely access and configure units, check their health status and update these with just a few clicks to the most recent firmware. Upgrading software does not mean meeting downtime, since the update can be scheduled after office hours. Notifications - via mail, text message and on the dashboard - on the status of devices even optimize the maintenance and offer the chance for swift trouble-shooting, even before meeting room users are aware of an issue. With access to the real-time information on all wireless collaboration devices, IT managers can make sure their users are always enjoying the greatest meeting experience throughout the entire enterprise.

Swift and secure

XMS Virtual Edge helps you save time, to help you focus on things that really matter as an IT-manager. The set-up of the software is easy. You just download the OVA file here and start configuration. Get the central management solution up and running in no time. The empowered  XMS Virtual Edge connects to the XMS Cloud Management Platform, allowing remote access and control from any location, with the highest security possible. Access your live cloud dashboard for the status and monitoring of all your connected devices, maintenance and issue solving and analytic. System administrators, integrators and managed service providers (or anyone who was granted access) can enjoy unlimited flexibility and improved service capabilities. 


The XMS Virtual Edge currently supports VMware and the Oracle VirtualBox hypervisor. Hyper-V support will follow later.

For help on the deployment of XMS Virtual Edge, please consult the Requirements, and the deployment guide for VMware and Virtualbox here.

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