23 gru 2021

Barco Wrapped: a year overview in 12 highlights

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Holiday season has arrived. 'Tis the time for joyous get-togethers, festive meals and... year-end lists. And so before we leave for some time off to do those first two things, we've compiled a brief overview for you to catch up with twelve great stories and realizations from 2021 that we're proud of. Enjoy the read. And of course: enjoy the food & each other. See you next year!




30K students grow smarter with our virtual classroom at Weston College

Like most other institutions, Weston found itself rapidly mobilizing remote learning at the outbreak of Covid-19. The new weConnect virtual classroom installation is a long-term solution that meets their requirements for digital education.

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Proud to announce that we have achieved all of our 2016 5-year sustainability goals.

We reduced the carbon footprint of our operations by 20%, lowered the energy footprint of our products by 27%, and 48% of new product releases received the Barco ECO label.

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We go for reliable outcomes with a revised service offering

From installation support at the set-up to in-depth deployment trainings. From on-site assistance to remote device management platforms. Whatever you need to bring your project to a successful conclusion, we've got your back from start to finish.

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Enabling surgical teams to collaborate remotely with a new, game-changing platform

Remote work is everywhere, so why not make it happen to achieve better patient outcomes in surgery? Teleassistance, teleconferencing and telementoring: the new NexxisLive platform expands your OR, virtually and securely.

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The history of control rooms and a throwback to the pioneering days of Barco in this market

It seems like control rooms have been around since ancient times, but they are a relatively recent phenomenon. For Barco, it started back in 1994. But what is a control room? And where was the first modern control room used?

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Are organizations ready for the hybrid workplace? ClickShare research dives into facts and figures.

71% of the employees still struggles with hybrid work challenges and experience stress on a technical and emotional level. So how can employers prepare the office for this new way of working where both in-office and remote workers collaborate seamlessly together?

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Opening of Infinity des Lumières, digital art center powered by 130 Barco projectors

The new digital art center in Dubai - the largest in the region - is a combination of 3 winning components: iconic location, cutting-edge technology and tailored immersive content. Infinity des Lumières offers its visitors a new approach to experience art.

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Leading through innovation with the first stand-alone display cleared for digital pathology

Pathology departments worldwide are turning towards digital solutions in order to alleviate the growing workload they experience. Barco took its knowledge about medical visualization and added a lot of research on pathology to launch its first medical display designed exclusively for digital pathology.

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Celebrating the prestigious milestone of 100,000 digital cinema projectors manufactured

Since the first pioneering release of our digital cinema projector prototypes in 1999, Barco has established itself as the trusted partner and leading provider in cinema technologies. And in September 2021, we achieved the impressive milestone of 100K digital cinema projectors.

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Supporting you and your loved ones during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“Why do I have to get a breast screening?” “Is it breast cancer or something else?” “Why do I have to do so many tests?” “Why don’t they know yet what it is?” With ‘Illuminating the breast health journey’, we go behind-the-scenes to inform and support during those early stages of not-knowing.

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Barco hybrid leadership update with inhouse operator switching the E2 and S3 screen management system



We inform stakeholders during hybrid leadership update powered by our own portfolio

An in-house hybrid event delivered and fully relying on the strengths of our own portfolio. Participants both on-site & remote were impressed with the professionalism and engagement level – calling it much better then with other hybrid experiences!

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Time to meet the world's first single-chip native 4K simulation projector: F400-HR

Extreme situations bring out your instincts. And your instincts are only as good as your training. That's why the new F400-HR, specifically designed for the training & simulation market, ensures a smooth experience with the highest level of realism enabling trainees to sharpen their skills and let every action become part of their instincts.

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