6 cze 2023

5 ways to make the most of your ClickShare fleet with the newly-enhanced XMS Cloud

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 4 min

Managing, monitoring and optimizing your meeting experiences has just got easier and better, thanks to our newly-enhanced XMS Cloud platform.  

XMS Cloud platform

XMS Cloud is the ideal tool for IT professionals, enabling complete device control, proactive intervention and maximum uptime in a fully secure manner. 

Now IT managers and administrators like you can make the most of their ClickShare fleet, enjoy more productivity and peace of mind while ensuring workers enjoy seamless and engaging meetings

Let's dive into its new enhancements and how they will truly make a difference, so you can stay on cloud nine! 

1. Enjoy the enhanced user experience

Get an optimal experience and more ease of use thanks to the brand-new interface of XMS Cloud. 

Key system health stats are now available at a glance, enabling quick and effective monitoring. Access the platform and see your system’s health immediately.

Is it at 78%? Check the event monitor, see the issues listed and intervene immediately. Are your devices not updated with the latest firmware? Then schedule automatic updates in bulk whenever it suits you to keep all devices running at their best

Overall, the dashboard gives you a complete overview of how your install base is functioning at a given moment:

  • system health status
  • firmware distribution
  • connected clients (Buttons or App)
  • overdue actions
  • location usage and more.

The new interface transforms the IT administrator´s experience, saving you time and effort. No hidden data or having to dig for information—it's presented visually and readily accessible. Now you can work more effectively and free up time for what matters to you. 

3. Access meeting behavior data to monitor and improve meeting experiences

Thanks to XMS Cloud, you have access to data that will open the way for understanding employee meeting behavior, optimizing workspaces and increasing device ROI. Among many others, these are 5 key questions you will have an answer to:

  1. Are workers embracing the meeting technology you worked so hard to implement? 
  2. Is that happening company-wide or only in some locations?
  3. Are some meeting spaces underutilized? If yes, now you can investigate why and optimize your spaces. If not, congratulations!
  4. Do employees prefer to organize more hybrid meetings or do they meet face-to-face?
  5. Do they join meetings via the ClickShare App or do they prefer our Buttons?

The newly-enhanced XMS Cloud offers IT professionals like you powerful ways to maximize the potential of your ClickShare fleet, improve productivity and efficiency, and make your workforce love meeting again – and it will only get better as we are working to expand its capabilities!   

Would you like to experience XMS Cloud? You can do that by trying ClickShare for free!