A KVM switch or OpSpace? Let's help you out!

KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switches used to be the most important solutions to reduce the clutter of control room operator workspaces. With one keyboard and mouse, operators can control multiple sources, coming from multiple networks. However, there were still a lot of flaws to this system - which made working with it highly unintuitive.

That is why Barco created OpSpace, the first control room workspace tailored to the operator. Quite a lot of people still ask us what the benefits of OpSpace are compared with KVM switches. That is why we have listed them in this table.

Barco OpSpaceKVM over IPTraditional KVM
Single keyboard & mouse on the desk
Noise & heat reduction at the desk
Integrated IT network 
Secure operation and network separation 
Modern UI & single pixel space  
Single personalized view with extensive layout options  
Work area concept for large desk installations  
Multi-viewing of sources  
Full VDI support  
Single encoder solution for desk and wall  
Scales to hundreds of operators and sources  

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