6 lip 2023

Patient care, science, and practical tips central at #OGOS2023

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A delegation from Barco was present at this year’s Gastro-Oesophageal Cancer Symposium at St Catherine’s College, Oxford University. Our NexxisLive solution and latest medical innovations attracted a lot of interest from the attendees.

Gastro-oesophageal oncology and surgery, today and tomorrow

The Gastro-Oesophageal Cancer Symposium offered attendees a full day of talks, debates and networking possibilities. New clinical trials and scientific developments were presented, and surgeons and oncologists exchanged perspectives on new insights in cancer.

Last but not least, patients were not overlooked. A closing session was devoted to sharing best practices in post-op and recovery.

Two members of our Surgical Advisory Board were present at the conference: Prof. Dr Nick Maynard and Prof. Sheraz Markar as official organizer. Prof. Dr. Maynard received the honor of opening and closing the conference and acted as moderator during several of the session. Prof. Markar participated in multiple talks throughout the day.

Remote collaboration during clinical procedures

Barco was one of two companies to present during the main session. We introduced our NexxisLive software for remote collaboration during clinical procedures. The solution’s easy way of sharing video streams in a secure way received quite some interest from the attendees.

Additionally, as part of our innovation track, we showcased our latest project in 3D technology, developed in collaboration with a large group of surgeons. It was very rewarding to receive overwhelmingly positive reactions from the surgeons present at the OGOS conference.

Ready for next year’s edition

This was the first edition of the OGOS Conference at Oxford University. It created an ideal setting for oncological experts in gastro-oesophageal specialisms to exchange experience and ideas.

We’re looking forward to the next edition!