22 sty 2024

The brand-new ClickShare all-in-one video bar takes wireless collaboration to the next level

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 4 min

A new era of collaboration begins thanks to our latest innovation in meeting-room technology: the ClickShare Bar. This carbon-neutral, all-in-one video bar is a game-changer in the world of wireless conferencing, bringing sharp views and crystal-clear audio to your hybrid meetings in an effortless and efficient manner.

Sharp views and crystal-clear audio for inclusive collaboration

We've equipped the ClickShare Bars with advanced audio and video capabilities. These include high-quality microphones with noise suppression that minimize distracting sounds and acoustic echo cancellation for clear communication. Paired with a 4K camera featuring a 120° FOV for a sharp and extensive view of the meeting room and multiple framing options, every in-room participant will be perfectly visible to the remote attendees.  

These capabilities will facilitate easy, natural communication between participants across multiple locations and ensure meeting equity. This means that every attendee will have equal opportunities to make their voices heard, participate and contribute, whether they are remotely or onsite. 

A sound investment that brings peace of mind to IT Managers 

For IT Managers like you, the ClickShare Video Bar represents a major leap forward. Its effortless installation and consolidated functionalities reduce both costs and technical challenges.  

With one device connected to a screen for an entire meeting room, you will benefit from simplified deployment, reduced installation costs and fewer points of failure. Long-term, this will lead to minimized downtime, an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership and better ROI on the technology you worked so hard to implement. 

What´s more, you will be able to easily and remotely manage and monitor the ClickShare Bar and all your other meeting room devices via the XMS Cloud platform. Paired with a 5-year SmartCare plan and regular firmware updates, our all-in-one video bars clearly are a smart, secure investment designed for your long-term success.

The ClickShare Bar Pro model, however, is the star of the ClickShare video bar range. It boasts extra capabilities for high-end meeting experiences such as: 

  • Dual screen support. See remote participants on one screen and the shared content on the other. This will improve engagement with participants who are not in the room, and boost meeting equity.   
  • Advanced AI-powered speaker framing for a more dynamic and engaging experience. The camera adjusts automatically to focus and frame participants during video conferences. It intelligently tracks and zooms in on active speakers. 
  • Interactivity features like touchback support, annotation and blackboarding for highly interactive collaboration.   
  • Wired connection from your laptop to the ClickShare bar for those strategic meetings where you don’t want to leave anything to chance, and you need razor-sharp audio and video without interruptions.  
  • Automatic switching so you can instantly switch from a fixed system like Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms to BYOM. Need to join a Zoom call from your MTR? The ClickShare Bar will make that happen. 

Designed with planet and people in mind

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Barco’s product design. With the carbon-neutral* ClickShare video bar range, we continue to lead on our journey towards a greener future while helping our customers reach their sustainability goals. Here are the eco-friendlier choices that we made in terms of product design: 

  • The packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard.   
  • The bars are made of recycled, non-paint plastics.  
  • The device is energy efficient. 
  • The design includes passive cooling for low energy consumption and an extrusion heatsink to conduct the heat flow away from the device.   

    *Carbon-neutral label targeted for end Q1 2024.