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A world of powerful Barco projector firmware and software features and tools to achieve unmatched performance, control, and peace of mind. Improve your user experience, optimize output quality, secure ROI and simplify workflows with our powerful solutions that allow for brand-agnostic integration.

Click below for more information on the different tools and access to the download links for the latest software applications available for use with the Barco Pulse projectors.

Pulse electronics OS

The beating heart of our projectors with powerful processing, advanced features, high bandwidth and low latency. Everything that gets your image on screen as intended, instantly, always.

On-site tools

Our on-site tools facilitating easy installation and improved workflows:

  • Pulse Mobile app
  • Pulse Toolset
Off-site tools

Our cloud-based applications for remote diagnostics and fleet control:

  • Insights Management Suite
  • Web Analyzer

Using the Pulse software on-site

Push your efficiency to save time and money with these stand-alone applications for easier installation, control and monitoring of your Barco projectors. 

Pulse Mobile App QR codes

The solution gives us remote access to the features of the Pulse interface which saves us a lot of precious time and is beneficial in those complex set-ups where the projector is mounted in hard-to-reach places.

Craig Lawrence

Video and Projects Director at SFL Group

To remotely manage the massive video rig of thirty-two UDX projectors, we used the Barco Projector Toolset. This was essential with a canvas of this magnitude, it’s what made the job achievable.

Jack Byers

lead projectionist at ATXES

Using the Pulse tools off-site

Rely on our cloud tools for smart and efficient remote projector management with complete peace-of-mind, minimizing the need for on-site interventions (and the related travel costs). 

With the Barco Insights Management Suite solution, data from each projector is automatically synchronized to the cloud. It allows our project teams and engineers in different cities, even in another country, to conveniently check equipment runtime status for diagnosis, and it spares them the trouble of being physically present in the central control room.

Zhuhai Theater

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