23 de jul de 2012

Comfortable in the hospital with JAO Smart Terminals

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Today’s hospitals set extremely high standards when it comes to patient care and comfort. That’s why Barco teamed up with JAOtech, a UK-based manufacturer of patient bedside terminals.

The terminals offer both clinical and entertainment services to increase hospital efficiency and give patients a more comfortable stay. “Until recently, patients shared a single TV in their ward or had to travel to a communal TV room,” Warren Kressinger-Dunn, VP of Strategic Marketing Point of Care, explains. “But in 2000, the UK National Health Service (NHS) launched the ‘Patient Power Programme’, encouraging hospitals to provide telephony and entertainment at the patient’s bedside. That’s how it all started.”

Comfortable in the hospital

“JAOtech was one of the first bedside terminal suppliers,” Kressinger-Dunn continues. “Today, our installations are equipped with modern technologies that provide patients with access to TV, radio, music, games and the Internet to ease their stay. In addition, clinical staff use the terminals to deliver care more efficiently.”

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