13 de nov de 2012

“I would recommend Barco to all my colleagues”


Prof. Dr Alexander Cavallero, an expert in digital radiology and head of the Radiological Institute at the German Erlangen hospital, has been cooperating with Barco since 2004. His enthusiasm for Barco’s medical display systems has remained unaltered ever since. “I would recommend it to all my colleagues,” he says.

As an active member of Erlangen’s Imaging Science Institute (ISI) - a research partnership between the Erlangen hospital and an industry leader in healthcare diagnostics -, Prof. Cavallero is a promoter of next-generation imaging technology. When the first Barco medical displays entered the renowned Erlangen hospital in 2004, he, as well as all of his colleagues, was mightily impressed with the image quality. And everyone still is. Today, Erlangen’s radiologists rely on 20+ Coronis medical display systems in total, including a specially adapted Barco graphics card and MediCal QA Web.

“The Coronis Fusion 6MP DL diagnostic displays enhance the workflow as well as the flexibility at the radiology departments, as they address the dual needs of color and grayscale imaging,” Cavallero said. “The MediCal QAWeb services, which come as standard with the Coronis displays, allow us to remotely monitor and manage all our Barco displays, across the entire hospital enterprise. This saves us considerable time and, therefore, money. Barco’s diagnostic display systems really are the state-of-the-art solution that a leading hospital like Erlangen needs.”

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