6 de jun de 2022

Use ClickShare to engage meeting room visitors with focused digital signage messages


When not used for conferencing or presenting, your ClickShare-equipped meeting room displays can double up as a digital signage platform, to impress, inspire and inform meeting room guests.

Conveying your brand identity, informing employees, leaving a lasting impression on visitors... It’s not easy in a time where hybrid working is the norm. Employers find it increasingly challenging to reach their dispersed workforce and visitors with focused information across the organization in a cost-effective way.

And yet, in a hybrid workplace, where employees are variably working from home and in the office, the meeting room is still alive and kicking as a stronghold of togetherness. Although meetings often have a mixed audience of remote and in-office participants, people still love to come to the office for more efficient, in-person meetings.

From collaboration canvas to digital signage platform

Bringing these two trends together, organizations now see more opportunities to reach their visitors with the right information in the place where they spend much of their valuable time: the meeting room. Employers are therefore increasingly using their meeting room displays as a digital signage platform to inform, inspire and engage people with up-to-date information, such as:

Company data dashboards 

Outlook/Google calendar, displaying room availability

Welcome messages to new employees or guests

Weather, news or stock widgets 

Invites to social or corporate events

Use ClickShare as a digital signage player

In answer to these needs, Barco’s ClickShare solution for wireless presentation and conferencing has been extended with digital signage capabilities. When they are not used for presenting or conferencing, meeting room displays that are connected to a ClickShare device can now be leveraged as corporate branding tools to distribute digital signage messages. Using ClickShare for digital signage applications is made possible by a growing number of integrations with alliance partners.

Why use ClickShare for digital signage?

Reach staff and visitors effectively with the right message

By using your ClickShare meeting room system as a digital signage platform, you are taking advantage of the short, but valuable moments right before and after meetings. It’s during these moments, when the display is not used for presenting or conferencing, that organizations can effectively reach their audience with focused information, such as welcome messages, news, social feeds, customized, branded content, and more.

Thanks to its extension to digital signage, it is now possible to use ClickShare to bring staff communications to every meeting room. But it also works the other way around. Open spaces, such as coffee corners or huddle spaces, where typically digital signage is used, can now be leveraged for collaboration. If you use a ClickShare device with your digital signage screen instead of a media player, you extend the functionality of that space from digital signage towards collaboration, wireless presentation and conferencing.

Maximize your investment

IT managers want to maximize the return on investment of their meeting room displays and conferencing systems. With ClickShare and its alliance partners, they can make the most out of their meeting room space and have their ClickShare room system double up as a digital signage player. Without needing additional hardware investments, the functionality of existing meeting room displays can be extended from presenting and conferencing towards digital signage. Scaling your digital signage capabilities across your facility is done easily through every ClickShare-equipped meeting room.

Make content management a breeze

Thanks to the simplicity of the ClickShare room system and digital signage platform, content management has become much easier. Administrators can simply publish and push content from their digital signage platform to all ClickShare-equipped meeting rooms or to other digital signage installations in different locations. IT managers will also appreciate the painless set-up, configuration and management across the different meeting locations in their facility.

How to set up your meeting room for digital signage?

ClickShare is working together with a growing number of alliance partners to extend its capabilities from presenting and conferencing to digital signage. You can use your XMS Cloud Management Platform to replace the static image URL by the address of your digital signage player, and you are good to go.

  • Use ClickShare and Signagelive to securely broadcast your digital signage content to ClickShare devices through the Signagelive software and without using any additional hardware. 
  • Combine ClickShare with Seenspire’s subscription-based streaming service for digital signage content and get access to continuously fresh and engaging content for your meeting room displays. 
  • Integrate ClickShare with the Korbyt Anywhere workplace experience platform to reach your workforce with relevant content, data and information, or enable easy access to the systems and resources on any screen, anywhere.
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