Bragi and Bragi Cinemascope's Light engine is not using lamp's or lasers, it is using LED's, more correctly ColorSpark HLD LED's. Its a technology that emits four times the light of regular LED technology.

Image quality matters, because that's what lets you really immerse yourself in your movie, your concert or sport. Our ColorSpark HLD system does just that, combining high levels of LED based brightness with crisp and lively colors to bring brilliant life to the screen.

Projector brightness is determined by two main characteristics of the projection light source: the output and the distribution of the light. The distribution should be very narrow, to collimate the light rays efficiently into a controlled beam that will bring full intensity to the imaging device.

By combining multiple LED’s and pumping it directly onto a phosphor rod (light tunnel). The light of the LEDs is combined through the rod into a very narrow light beam, creating an extremely bright point source of light which perfectly fits projection requirements and without any loss of light.

By comparing two similar bright projectors, a projector with HLD LED light engine will be perceived 30% more bright compared to other technologies.