Interest in gaming has been steadily growing, with some games rivalling the success of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, even crossing over into the cinema and onto Netflix, like The Witcher.

Recent gaming technology advances mean that we can now create near-photo realistic and movie CGI quality gaming environments for a gaming experience you most likely have never seen or even imagined! Add simulation to the mix and you’ve never come closer to driving a Formula 1 car or flying an Airbus A-380. Time to dive in for the first time, or experience your favourite games ‘like you’ve never seen them before’?

Let’s also not forget that many elements of these gaming worlds can provide tangible benefits in real life, as many studies have shown, including healthy brain stimulation, problem-solving skills and stress relief. So there is actually a wellness component here as well…

Make your gaming experience life size!

Most gamers even with the most powerful gaming rigs are condemned to gaming on a 27in or 32in computer monitor (or a few of them stitched together). There are also a few dedicated OLED 65in gaming displays, but even those don’t come close to what a high-end gaming experience can be. We want to deliver truly immersive gaming, and what is more immersive than life size?

High-end gaming is a great example of how the different technologies we use to create our architecturally integrated digital canvases can enable different experiences. We can ‘Push over the Wall’ by projection mapping a whole wall for example, creating a life-size portal into the ultimate gaming experience. And of course we want high brightness,

4K resolution and HDR capability at 60+ fps, so we can take full advantage of the incredible visuals of the games that are being created today, with sharp and detailed images during fast motion for fast-paced games, and the all-important low input lag. 

A high-end Private Theater can also deliver a great gaming experience, doubling up as your own private e-sports gaming arena to share with friends and family. Gamers can benefit from Cinemascope capability, as most games can natively render in this aspect ratio and higher resolution for an even more immersive experience. Game on!