Civil Protection Friuli Venezia Giulia

Palmanova, IT - 2013

Barco technology helps Civil Protection safeguard the region

1976 is imprinted on the collective memory of the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Northeast Italy as the year in which the area was shaken up by an earthquake that caused a lot of material damage and a loss of life (more than 1,000 victims). The region recovered with the help of the Civil Protection, a governmental body called into being to coordinate the response to the catastrophe. To this day, Italy’s Civil Protection plays an essential role in protecting the environment and citizens against natural risks. The main tasks of the organization revolve around forecasting, preventing, intervening, and restoring.

The headquarters of the Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia is situated in the city of Palmanova in the center of the region. In the control center, called ‘The Cube’ because of its shape, staff daily monitor the regional territory, train volunteers, and analyze and evaluate data. For the functionaries to be able to rely on the best possible technology when performing their duties, the center is equipped with a considerable amount of Barco gear.

Barco was a known brand for Italy’s Civil Protection: before calling upon Barco to digitize the Friuli Venezia Giulia site, the organization had already chosen Barco to furnish its National Center in Rome. In the Palmanova center’s control room, a Barco video wall, consisting of 7x2 OL-721 modules offers operators a real-time high-quality visualization of the region. A Transform N video wall controller and the CMS software ensure that any type of data source can be accessed and shared from any location within the workplace, thus fostering efficient collaboration. The crisis room features no less than 16 RLM-W6 projectors reproducing environmental crises simulations on a 360° set-up of 8 screens, while 36 dZine DISplayer³ eco media players display informative content of all sorts on the room’s backdrop. A video wall made up of 4x2 NSL-5521 tiles adorns a meeting room. By facilitating quick and effective collaboration and decision-making, the installed Barco systems help the Civil Protection in Palmanova succeed in its mission to reduce the impact of natural and other extraordinary disasters.

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