Barco solutions help deliver a spectacular show at Adobe Summit EMEA

London, GB - 2018

5,500 participants from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Top brands like Sky, Ford and Virgin Atlantic. Two days of unprecedented digital insights, and some of the most mind-bending visualizations imaginable. All this and more was featured at Adobe Summit EMEA, held in London on 3 and 4 May 2018. Audiovisual technical design and production firm Hawthorn chose Barco technology to ‘wow’ an extremely demanding, digitally savvy audience on behalf of client Taylor Bennett Partners.

Barco solution

  • UDX-4K32 projectors
  • Image processing solutions

Why Barco?

  • High brightness
  • Flexible orientation
  • Low power consumption

Ensuring the best for critical viewers
Held at the impressive London ExCeL international convention center, Adobe Summit is a highly anticipated digital innovation event, where Adobe Marketing Cloud and its partners reveal their latest updates. Needless to say, the audacity of the visual setups was mind-boggling. Award-winning Hawthorn, the experts tasked to bring Taylor Bennett’s vision to life, relied on several different audiovisual solutions to deliver the breathtaking images, projection mappings and visual displays shown at Adobe Summit. Barco projection solutions featured heavily in the lineup, raising the visualization bar for events worldwide.

Raising the audiovisual bar

Adobe Summit was the first event to feature Barco’s new-to-stock UDX-4K32 projectors, chosen for their 0.4 ultra-short throw lenses and ultimate high-brightness projection capabilities. “The flexible orientation and incredible brightness of the UDX-4K32, combined with its low power consumption, were key factors in our choice to use 13 of these projectors at the main plenary – where 4K width was a must,” explains David Barton, Group Head of Video at Hawthorn.

“A great experience all around”
The projectors were used to display Adobe’s vivid video content on three vast screens and two ultra-wide relay screens. In addition, 17 Barco PDS-902 3G screen switching systems, four E2 image presentation systems, 16 ImagePRO II series 4K video processors, two EC200 event controllers and one S3-4K event master processor were used to orchestrate the many audiovisual processes required.

“The UDX projectors helped us exceed audience expectations, reduce the amount of time needed for setup and cut down crew costs,” says David Barton. “And despite the event’s tight time schedules, the complex setup and demanding conditions, the Barco team performed excellently and offered fantastic onsite support. Adobe Summit EMEA 2018 was a great experience all around.”

Images courtesy of Taylor Bennett Partners and Hawthorn 

The UDX projectors helped us exceed audience expectations and reduce the amount of time needed for setup.

David Barton

Group Head of Video at Hawthorn

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