Barco inspires digital artist Franz Cerami to brighten the city of Naples

Naples, IT - 2021

Throughout the 2020 Christmas period, for eleven consecutive days, the façade of the iconic Castel dell'Ovo in Naples was animated with a series of projected artistic works created by digital artist Franz Cerami commissioned by Voiello/Barilla, the famous Italian food company. The internationally renowned artist used two Barco UDX-32k4K projectors for a wonderful homage to the values and traditions of Naples.
The installation by digital artist Franz Cerami made intensive use of the rich art tradition of the city of Naples. For this project Cerami presented four unpublished video projections on the facade of Castel dell'Ovo, which alternated with those of students of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University.
“Naples has always been a source of inspiration for works of art,” says Franz Cerami. “The city is continuously being reshaped and reworked in new artwork and by new artists, who use new technology. Thanks to Barco projection technology, we can build on this rich heritage and at the same time bring something innovative that hasn’t been seen before.”
The video mapping was supported by Italian Barco partner Service2Service, who took care of the design, technical setup and implementation. Service2Service opted for Barco’s UDX series to turn Franz Cerami’s work into an unforgettable piece of art. 
“Considering the impressive size of the projection - approximately 60 x 40 meters, over 2,000 square meters of target surface and projected from a distance of over 100 meters - we decided to rely on the power and reliability of the Barco UDX-4k32k projectors,” says Iron Italiani, CEO of Service2Service.  
Thanks to Barco projection technology, we can bring something innovative that hasn’t been seen before.

Franz Cerami

Digital Artist

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