Barco image processing impacts corporate visuals in one of Atlanta’s leading companies

Atlanta, United States - 2024

An Atlanta-based multinational found itself at a crossroads when it came to upgrading their legacy equipment in its headquarters’ lobby and main auditorium. Seeking innovation and seamless integration, the company embarked on a quest for cutting-edge solutions to enhance their audiovisual capabilities. Barco’s Event Master systems were cut out for the case. 

Barco solutions:

  • 1x S3
  • 1x E2
  • 1x EC-210

Key benefits:

  • Reputable brand with reliable delivery
  • Seamless integration in visualization set-up
  • Modular systems allowing future expansion



With the need for a modernized setup in both their lobby and main auditorium which matches the prominent brand reputation, the drink industry corporation turned to the audiovisual integrator CTI for guidance. Given the scale of the project, CTI presented several options, and among them, Barco emerged as the frontrunner. 




Finding an image processing solution capable of seamlessly syncing with multiple 4K outputs proved to be a daunting task. In addition, the company needed a solution that aligned with the proficiency of their existing freelancers to minimize the learning curve.

The stakes were high, and the company sought a partner who could deliver not only on technological capabilities but also on the promise of reliability and service excellence.




Enter Barco – a decision which was grounded in Barco’s reputation for build quality, reliability, and top-notch services became the catalyst for a transformative partnership. “Barco was there for us when others couldn’t meet the project delivery timeline,” says Andrew Pearson, Vice President System Integration at CTI. “The Barco team put everything in the works to allow us to hit the post-pandemic resumption of business on time and with great products.”

The chosen Barco setup includes one S3 presentation switcher in the back lobby meeting area, and E2 device combined with an EC-210 controller in the main auditorium to manage 4K content to several display systems including LED, LCD and projection. The modular and future-proof Event Master systems not only provided the required signal types and distribution, but also laid the foundation for future expansion, giving the company the flexibility to grow and evolve. 




In the end, the new audiovisual infrastructure elevates the overall experience for visitors and audiences in the company’s headquarters. The familiarity of freelancers with Barco equipment ensured a smooth transition, and the solutions seamlessly integrated with the existing systems.

The decision to choose Barco not only met but exceeded expectations, with solutions that perfectly aligned with the company's values.

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