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Huddly AI Cameras for Barco ClickShare Conference

Imagine hybrid meetings where everyone feels valued, included, and engaged. Huddly and Barco make this vision a reality with high-quality, AI-driven video experiences and effortless wireless conferencing. Regardless of whether you're in a small, medium, or large room and using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or another platform, these collaborative solutions guarantee enjoyable and productive experiences for both in-room and remote participants. It's time to embrace the future of hybrid teamwork!

In the spotlight

Huddly L1

Boosts engagement and collaboration in medium to large rooms. Powered by Huddly Director, Huddly L1 edits video meetings in real-time to create an engaging experience. This powerful 6K camera captures all participants in vivid detail, even in large spaces.

Huddly S1

Takes hybrid collaboration to the next level in small to medium rooms. Huddly S1 brings you immersive AI-directed video meetings with Huddly Director and ensures everyone in the room is seen, thanks to its wide-angle lens.

Huddly IQ

Promotes meeting equity in small to medium spaces. Equipped with a wide-angle lens, Huddly IQ captures everyone in the room. It also features Gallery View, a split-screen layout that ensures equitable representation for all participants.


设备 外围
类型 互操作性
IQ 1.6.21 02.19 Room Devices Camera Certified
L1 1.5.19 02.18 Room Devices Camera Certified
Network Adapter 02.19 Room Devices Camera Certified
ONE 1.6.21 02.19 Room Devices Camera Certified
S1 1.5.19 02.18 Room Devices Camera Certified
Canvas 1.5.8 02.19 Room Devices Camera Compatible
GO 1.3.24 02.19 Room Devices Camera Compatible
USB Adapter 02.19 Room Devices Camera Compatible

Huddly and Barco share a belief in the transformative power of human collaboration. With teams scattered across different locations, effective communication tools are more important than ever. At Huddly, we harness the power of AI-driven technology to bring people together, fostering productive and inclusive teamwork. The easier it is to work together, and the more people get their say, the better the results.

This is why Huddly and Barco have teamed up to offer human-centric collaboration solutions, combining intuitive, wireless conferencing with AI-driven video experiences. You can use ClickShare Conference with Huddly cameras in small, medium, and large rooms and for whiteboard collaboration in any space. Get started with Huddly and Barco and experience the power of collaboration today.

Why combine Clickshare with Poly?

Equitable and inclusive

Huddly tailors video collaboration to fit the needs of any size space. In smaller rooms, you can achieve meeting equity with Gallery View, while in larger spaces, Huddly Director promotes inclusivity with AI-directed video meetings.

Human-centric AI

Huddly cameras put people first, harnessing the power of AI to capture body language and facial expressions for more natural conversations, stronger connections, and productive collaboration.

Premium video

With vivid and sharp visuals delivered by cutting-edge hardware and software, Huddly redefines video quality. From huddle rooms to large conference spaces, everyone is seen—whether close to the camera or at the far end of the table.


Walk into a room, and you'll automatically connect wirelessly to your camera. With one click, you can start your meeting and keep your team connected and engaged with Huddly's AI-driven experiences.


Huddly and ClickShare solutions work with any AV room or setup and on all major videoconferencing platforms. Collaborate on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or another platform of your choice.

Certified for your space

Huddly and ClickShare offer certified solutions for small, medium, and large spaces, plus whiteboard collaboration. Pick the one that suits you best!


Engage in-room and remote participants

Huddly’s cameras enhance video collaboration in small to medium meeting rooms. With a 150° ultra-wide-angle lens, they ensure that everyone is seen, even those who are close to the camera. Huddly IQ features smart experiences like the intelligent framing of participants, so that the team is always in full view.
With ClickShare Conference you start a video meeting from your laptop with only one click, connect wirelessly to the Huddly meeting camera and audio USB-devices for truly engaged discussions with remote colleagues, all feeling part of the conversation.

An agnostic solution 

Fully compatible for BYOD, working with any device - a laptop, mobile or tablet to share content or collaborate interactively. ClickShare Conference allows you to start a remote meeting with the UC &C platform of your choice, from your own laptop, using the Huddly IQ camera and any audio USB-peripherals available in the meeting room.  

Effortless setup, simple to use

Tested to work seamlessly together, setting up our combined solution couldn’t be simpler to install. Just plug it in and it works. Starting meetings, sharing content on a main meeting room screen is simple. No need to worry about which cable to use or complex user interfaces to tackle, with ClickShare Conference collaboration is intuitive and natural, made for real, human interaction. In addition, Huddly Cameras are software-defined and get even better over time with continuous enhancements and new smart experiences.

Perfect for multiple scenarios

Huddly Intelligent Cameras and ClickShare Conference offer an immersive conference experience for huddle rooms, medium-sized meeting rooms, open collaborative environments and more.

Company Profile

Huddly is a technology company that creates tools for team collaboration. Based in Oslo, Norway, we combine expertise across the fields of design, hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. The company’s smart cameras are designed to make it easier and better for people to communicate with each other. Huddly’s solutions with industry-leading partners enable high-quality video experiences on all major collaboration platforms.

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