On fora Airtame is often being suggested as an alternative for ClickShare. High time to shed some light on the fundamental differences between the 2 products and on the different use cases for each of them in this comparison article. What are the major differences between Airtame and Barco ClickShare?

ClickShare is a long-lasting enterprise-grade, agnostic room system, meeting the requirements mid and large enterprises have in terms of reliability, security and user experience, for both wireless presentation as wireless conferencing.

Airtame, on the other hand, is an entry-level wireless streaming solution, for learning and business environments.

Enterprise-grade reliability

Product reliability

As part of ClickShare’s commitment to business, customers not only receive continuous, free firmware updates but also complimentary management tools. These include the XMS Cloud Management Platform, an administration tool that updates and manages ClickShare devices remotely – and conveniently. With the XMS Cloud Management Platform, customers can enjoy an easy installation of software updates (either manual or scheduled) and improve their meeting room usage with useful analytics. XMS guarantees a continuous flawless experience for meeting participants, because it gives the certainty that the latest software is always installed on the units. Should anything go wrong, customers get an immediate warning, they can monitor health status and pro-actively take action.

Airtame focuses on the opportunities for optimized workflows and teamwork, rather than on seamless deployment and management of installs. Airtame offers Airtame Cloud and a mass deployment installer.


ClickShare was the first wireless presentation product on the market for screen sharing. Since it was launched video performance has gone through some major changes. End 2017 a software update brought perfect lip-sync at 30 fps on all ClickShare devices. Since then, every new device launched, offers the best in AV quality.


Barco believes this strongly in the reliability of its products that it offers a five-year coverage for extra piece-of mind on all newest ClickShare models for both wireless presentation and wireless conferencing. The R&D team has the highest focus on reliability and quality so ClickShare customers can be sure that their investment is both long-term and futureproof.

Airtame offers a two-year warranty in Europe and only a one-year warranty outside Europe. No opportunity for extension.

Choose your way of sharing

Hardware or software. Or why not both?

Airtame uses an application to connect a device to a display or projector. ClickShare consists of a Base Unit that is connected to the meeting room display or projector and offers both a Button, an App to share content or a combination of both for an even richer sharing experience.

The ClickShare Button is a device that needs to be plugged into your computer to make the connection with the screen but that does not require you to download any software on your laptop.  

The benefit of the Button is that it is extremely easy to use, it's plug&play, even for guests. No training needed, no software needs to be downloaded. Just connect, click, share. What’s more, it enables enterprises to allow multiple users and guests to share content without compromising the security of the company network.

The ClickShare App is software that connects wirelessly to the Base Unit and is ideal for organizations that prefer not to plug a device into their users’ computers. It enables workflow optimization and can be rolled out centrally to all company laptops.


Great meetings are all about sharing and working together. So, if you’ve invited guests to contribute, it’s important they feel at ease so that they can give their all. More and more organizations are prohibiting their users to download software on their computers because of security reasons. So it might be impossible for them to join the conversation. With Airtame, guests will have to download an app on their laptop before being able to participate. 

The app does not require admin privileges however the users will be asked for firewall access.

With ClickShare, your guests get exactly the same experience as your employees: fast, wireless, hassle-free collaboration. They just ‘plug and play’ with the ClickShare Button.

Seamless match with enterprise IT standards

Collaborate creatively, brainstorm better

With specific features, ClickShare aims at enriching collaboration, making meeting room interaction highly engaging and interactive. These allow customers to use touch back function and control a pc from a touchscreen display when sharing. With a few touches on the screen, you can control a presentation, open other documents, share mails, start a video. Additionally there is the option to use blackboarding and annotation.

Airtame keeps the focus on presentation rather than on collaboration and therefore they only offer basic features like digital signage and app sharing.

Reliability, security and user experience matter

Simply put, Airtame’s offering is a budget-friendly wireless streaming solution that comes at a cost of  499 USD (excl. VAT). That includes basic security and management features. 

ClickShare has been developed for mid and large enterprises, with reliability, security and user experience as key drivers of success. It has built an extensive portfolio for both wireless presentation as wireless conferencing, ranging between 850 USD/EUR and 3450 USD/EUR, to ensure there is a device suited for every type of huddle, meeting, collaboration or conference room within the organization.

What’s more, it delivers the richest user experience in the market by offering both a Button and App to share content on the main screen. And it is continuously working on an easy management across your entire organization. In short, a few important things to know before buying:

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