Compatible 3rd party accessories for projection

Great products become even better when complemented with excellent third-party add-on’s.

That is why an increasing number of top players worldwide in their fields of expertise offer additional components to Barco projectors to answer typical customer needs. Think about Auto-alignment, Enclosures, Frames and mounts, Optics,...

This list of partners keeps on growing and this page collects all proven collaborations out there on the market. This page will not only offer you inspiration but will also save you time and money when assessing available solutions.

Barco will update this list of on a very regular basis. Please contact the partners if you want to receive more details or want an offer to complement your installation.

For the production of some accessories or parts for our projection units, we rely on the knowledge and capabilities of our trusted third-party partners. In working together with these companies, we guarantee you always get the best and the brightest!



Frames and mounts


Mirror Head

Display integration


Room design

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