Private Theater

The big screen is the filmmaker's canvas. A convincing, engaging world is created with carefully selected actors, artfully constructed sets and meticulously shot scenes. At Barco Residential, we share the movie director’s passion and commitment to the ‘suspension of disbelief’ that is so important in the art of movie-making. Our mission: to envelop film buffs with an exceptional film experience that truly honors the director’s vision.

What better way to spend a night like this than to cozy up to your loved ones and be completely immersed in your favorite movie – all in the privacy of your own home?


Combining the knowledge of the design team and the Custom Integrator, a private cinema room can be transformed from a space with a projector hanging from a pole as the center piece, to a beautifully designed room, with all technology hidden. As explained under the Architectural Digital Canvas, if conversations between architects, designers and Custom Integrators take place early in the design process, it enables better planning on how to seamlessly integrate the technology. We can predict to hide the projector for example, in a space inside or above the ceiling, inside a wall, or placing it in a neighboring room can be forseen. Also considering other design systems, such as mirror drop systems, can be planned in earlier design discussions. 

Custom Integrators can make use of al the projectors’ special features like the built-in Warp Engine that allows near unlimited freedom in projector placement, including off axis, tilted, etc.. while maintaining a perfect image on screen.

In addition, Barco works with industry partners to make available custom designed mounts, mirrors, hush boxes, port glasses and cooling devices that enable discrete integration of our products.

All these tools are at the disposal of the Custom Integrator and design team to ensure that there will be no compromises in the design and performance of the room.