Since 1934

Your family's essential friend

With that baseline, Lucien Depuydt started the Belgian American Radio Corporation (BARCO). His ambition was to produce and sell the most high tech radio's that the world has seen. He promoted the radios that he manufactured in his workshop, in the Belgian town of Poperinge. 

In 1949 we successfully make the change to TV technology and launch the first TV protypes three years ahead of other Belgian manufacturers. That same year, a receiver mast is installed near the office, which makes it possible to test different types of transmission signals from London and lille.
This was our start into the display market where we in 1979 creates the first projector.

Going back to our roots

From its early origins, building high-end radios – and, later, televisions – in those fantastic wooden cabinets that were genuine works of art, Barco became the world’s technology leader in ultra-high-end professional visualization applications – such as Digital Cinema, where over 40% of today’s cinema screens are equipped with Barco projectors.

87 year laters, Barco Residential has a return to our origins − bringing the best image and sound technologies out there to the finest residences, and once again becoming ‘Your family’s essential friend’.