The basement tends to be a neglected space in the house, often relegated to storage space. Yet when you find yourself in need of a larger living space, it offers a great many opportunities to create new living experiences, that can go far beyond private theatre or media room.

Some of the limitations usually associated with basements turn into opportunities when we look what we can design with the digital canvas. Chief among these are a dark environment and lack of large windows, which are generally considered as less than ideal attributes for a living and entertaining space

As it happens this also creates a great environment to use projection to create architectural digital canvases, which in turn we can use to transform the basement into a unique living and entertainment space.

Below are some experiential design inspirations. Of course every basement is different, so together with our partners we will be happy to work with you to turn your basement into a unique living space.

Window on the world

Basements can offer almost unrivaled opportunities to create virtual windows or turn entire walls into a Window on the World. We essentially use our digital canvas to create something ranging from resembling an actual window to mapping an entire wall. The latter can really create the impression of having ‘pushed over the wall’ and take away the notion of ‘screen’, which fundamentally changes how you experience it.
The resulting Windows on the World enables almost unlimited different experiences, from virtual travel to a portal into a virtual gaming world. Turn your basement into a Manhattan loft or transport your wine collection to a tasting room among the rolling hills of Tuscany. Or perhaps create a luxery bed room with the actual view from your house?

In the example here we have created exactly that. a bedroom with a view as well as dropdown projector screen so that you can enjoy the view while watching a movie.

If you want to learn more about Window on the World you can find that here


Perhaps your basement doubles up as a wellness space or gym. Turning multiple walls into a digital canvas allows you to transform your exercise environment putting you in virtually any location. Why stop there, why not connect your treadmill to your wall with for example Outside Interactive.  
You can load a video from any known location and with a three wall screen surface, you will be transformed to that location. Or imagine a relaxation space with biophilic elements where you can also enjoy New Media Art in your own Private Gallery?
Showing you can have some friends over enjoying your big wellness room
Showing you can have some friends over enjoying your big wellness room

Showing the room without any equipment

Private Theater

Of course we are not forgetting about the basement as an excellent location to create a private theatre. There are many existing examples of basement private theatres, but also here we can take it to the next level.

At Barco Residential, we share the movie director’s passion and commitment to the ‘suspension of disbelief’ that is so important in the art of movie-making.
Our mission: to envelop film buffs with an exceptional film experience that truly honors the director’s vision.

Learn more about the private theatre room here