Outdoor Living

For some people, having an outdoor theater brings back memories of summer camp or neighborhood movies in the park. Other people are brought back to the time of drive-in movie theaters.

Outdoor cinemas have always been a great summer classic offering both the appeal of a good story and the chance to cozy up to your loved ones and be completely immersed in your favorite movie, which is made even more memorable thanks to the outdoor surroundings.

After the sun sets, your backyard is transformed into a beautiful movie theater offering a few hours of entertainment and cool respite from the summer heat – all in the privacy of your own backyard with famliy and friends.

Outdoor rear projection solution. Customer is a big sportsfan and likes to watch several games at the same time and follow statistics, all possible on this huge 5 meter wide screen with Barco image processing for watching multiple sources at the same time. 

Similar solution as the previous, but instead of a ground hidden screen, this one is hidden in the ceilling. Projector is installed the same way. Customer wanted to have a big outdoor screen for the family to enjoy movies in the afternnon/ evening when the sun was setting.  Projector used here is a Balder

Outdoor pool solution, customer wanted to have a big outdoor screen for the family to enjoy movies in the afternnon/ evening when the sun was setting. Projector and screen are installed in motorized confided space when they are not in use. Technology is only visible when in use. Projector used is a Loki.

Enjoy it with your family and frinds!

The arrival of summer and warm, balmy nights gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy your outdoor home cinema. A very nice and cosy space for the whole family to relax outdoors or a romantic nook for couples looking for isolated date night ideas.

We can't think of a better way to spend those long, mild summer evenings than hosting an open-air movie night. You’ll get to choose what film to watch. Right, someone pass the popcorn!

In-door and out-door 

This amazing 30,000 square foot mansion is located in Las Vegas. Installing Integrator Eagle Sentry hooked this custom home up with 4 Barco Residential projectors: (2) Orions, (1) Balder, and (1) Loki. It certainly begs the question, “What are we watching tonight?”