Home is where The Art is

Throughout history, collecting Art has been a passion for those who wish to own and display a piece of work that captures emotional connections. There are any number of reasons why a person would want a piece of art in their home—perhaps the work or artist evokes strong positive memories, or they feel the piece speaks to the design, mood and aesthetic of their home.

Just as Romanticism gave way to Impressionism, the art world continues to move forward as artists react to the world around them. More than ever, artists are looking to technology for inspiration and as a digital canvas for their creativity, embracing Digital and New Media Art in growing numbers. Both museums and private collectors desire the unique innovation of these pieces and are incorporating digital art options into their creative landscapes.

As more artists are creating digital pieces, collectors seek new and engaging ways to display them, in a way that complements the overall aesthetic of a home, integrating architecture and design in line with the owner’s vision.

How New Media Art & Digital Canvasas can transform homes

New Media Art provides an opportunity to create immersive cultural experiences in the home, enabled by architectural digital canvases. With art coming in so many different shapes, sizes and forms, it is critical that the architectural digital canvases can be created to custom specifications with no limitations in size or shape, to ensure the best possible representation of the artist’s vision while seamlessly integrating with the architecture and design of the home.


Ultimately, private art collections are an extension of their owners, an expression of their personality. Regardless of what advancements come along, the primary reason for collecting art remains the same - filling one’s home with the pieces that have the biggest emotional impact. Architects, designers and technology providers must work together to ensure that the art collection is displayed in as engaging way as possible. Discover how you can create new spaces designed to place much-loved collections at the centre of the home for homeowners to share and enjoy with their loved ones.