An Immersive Family Media Room

The client wanted to present her guests with the best Oscars red carpet viewing party ever, and she wanted two huge screens to do the work.

Cantara explains: “The performance objectives for this design were simply to create something incredible, possibly ridiculous, meant for parties and television events. The dichotomy of performance vs. room aesthetics presented so many challenges to address.

An eye for detail

Dome4u are Home Technology Architect specialists that works closely with our previous Distributor and partner Genesis tech in southern Europe. Dome4U has  an eye for detail and a passion to exceed expectations. A property owner approached the company looking for a solution for their unused basement, the team set to work to transform the space into an immersive family media room.

The family now all agree this is their favorite place to hang out together. They chill out with their favorite Netflix series or TV Shows, choose a movie for family movie night or get lost in the immersive gaming experience.

Bookshelf Integration

One of the key criteria for an well architecturally sound integrated Media room is to hide the technology. Speakers and projectors are always a challenge to conceal, as they are needed for the picture and sound in the room. Speakers can either be flush against the wall, like they have been installed here, or completely hidden behind the screen and walls. Projectors are even more challenging, as a projector needs cooling and the lens must point towards the screen. Dome4U came up with a great idea to hide the projector in custom-built bookshelf in the back of the room. A very elegant way of hiding the projector. You can learn more about that in our bookshelf concept example as well 

The space has a very calm and relaxing atmosphere thanks to the perfect choice of ambient lighting all controlled by a seamless Ekinex and Control4 system.