22 juin 2021

Barco presents world’s first stand-alone digital pathology display

Kortrijk, Belgium, 22 June 2021 – Global visualization leader Barco presents MDPC-8127, our first medical grade display designed exclusively for the digital histopathology market. The fast, 8MP, ultra-high definition display has received regulatory clearance as a medical device, including use for primary diagnosis. A unique advantage: it’s compatible with multiple whole slide imaging systems.*

A field facing multiple challenges

The field of pathology is facing a worldwide crisis, due to a steadily declining number of active pathologists. At the same time, pathologists’ workload is increasing. An aging population, increasing cancer rates and the growth of precision medicine drive the need for more pathology tests each year.

Digitization for higher efficiency

Digital pathology offers a solution to deal with the growing pressure on active pathologists.

“Some regions, such as a number of countries in Western Europe, are well into the digital transformation and realizing meaningful patient care advantages every day, others are following at an accelerating pace,” Bryan Van Meter, Segment Marketing Manager for Pathology at Barco, explains. “Digitizing the field makes it possible to expand workflow capacity and speed up second opinions, because they can be done remotely and slides don’t need to be shipped physically for consultations.”

Barco responds to these trends with a medical grade display that was developed to strengthen the digital workflow for pathologists.

Ultimate slide to eye confidence

The MDPC-8127 is a modern, 27-inch medical grade display that offers 8MP performance, ultra-high definition resolution and 1.07 billion possible colors, which together result in unprecedented visual richness and color confidence. It enables efficient reading sessions with minimal image blurring, thanks to an industry-leading frame rate of 120Hz and Barco’s RapidFrameTM technology.

The display comes with the state-of-the-art quality control and compliance software QAWeb Enterprise, for image stability throughout its entire lifetime, and a five-year warranty.

Approved for digital pathology with multiple whole slide imaging solutions

The MDPC-8127 is the first stand-alone display that is compatible with multiple whole slide imaging solutions, for primary diagnosis.* It can be integrated into existing imaging infrastructure for digital pathology, without the need to invest in an entirely new whole slide imaging ecosystem.

Workflow tools supporting the digital pathology workflow

The MDPC-8127 comes standard with a high-precision Barco touchpad for easy slide navigation and manipulation. It is also possible to integrate a Barco advanced MXRT medical display controller with the display, which opens the door to an additional range of visualization tools that support your digital pathology workflow.

Geert Carrein, VP of Diagnostic Imaging at Barco: “We are proud to present the MDPC-8127 as the outcome of multiple years of research, consultation, and testing. Building on Barco’s strong history in high-quality medical imaging, we identified the needs that pathologists require today and in future. Our answer to them is this display, which includes a series of high-level technologies to support pathologists in every way we can. The MDPC-8127 is built to last for years without declining in performance and received Barco’s A+ eco product label for its design. We are sure the MDPC-8127 is another leap forward in enabling bright patient outcomes.”

The MDPC-8127 is available on the market as of today, in designated regions.

Discover the MDPC-8127 here.

*In the USA the MDPC-8127 can be used with WSI scanners and viewing software that have been validated for use with the display.


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