Symphonica in Rosso

Arnhem, NL - 2012

Rolling out the red carpet for Barco’s new HDQ-2K40 projectors

A spectacular stage, high-quality visuals, special sound and lighting effects, the color red and, of course, a classical orchestra and a popular singer/band: these are the ingredients that make the annual ‘Symphonica in Rosso’ concert in Arnhem, Holland, a must-attend event.

“Symphonica in Rosso tries to be different than other concerts, a real visitor experience,” said Jeroen Jongenelen, General Manager of AV expert Creative Technology (CT) Holland – the show’s long-term AV partner. “To ensure stupendous visuals, we’ve been using Barco products since the very first show. The FLM-HD20s projectors, the DLite7 solution, the MiTRIX LED display, the MiSTRIP creative modules and, of course, Barco’s image processing products have all done a great job. In an effort to raise the bar once more, we decided to use the brand-new, ultra-bright HDQ-2K40 projectors this year.”

CT Holland was proud to be one of the first AV experts to install Barco’s brand-new HDQ-2K40 projectors, in cooperation with AED Display. 12 projectors were set up, to display images onto a transparent screen of 72 by 12 meters. A Barco Encore system ensured a seamless picture of live feeds and graphics, as a backdrop to the concerts. “It was great to see how the team managed to realize this challenging set-up. Everyone did a great job,” said Jeroen Boere, Project Manager, Creative Technology Holland.

Launched as recently as early 2012, the top-of-the-line HDQ-2K40 displays stunning images combined with ultimate brightness and rich vibrant colors, just what was needed to make sure the images would come to life in the red-colored Arnhem Gelredome. “With red being the dominant color – in décor, lighting, clothing, etc. – in the venue, it is not easy to project bright images and ensure color uniformity. Barco’s 40,000 lumens projector, however, was perfectly up to the job. On top of that, the new operating platform allowed us to project downwards, at an oblique angle,” Jongenelen continued. “Last but not least, I want to highlight that Barco’s support services really add value to their products.”

Following concerts by Marco Borsato, Paul de Leeuw and international pop stars like Sting, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, the 2012 edition of ‘Symphonica in Rosso’ featured an icon of Holland’s pop history, Doe Maar, as the main guest. Over 30,000 people had bought tickets for the shows. All of them went home delighted.

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