Maastricht University Medical Center

Maastricht, NL - 2013

A frontrunner in the field of healthcare technology, the 715-bed AZ Maastricht hospital in the Southern Netherlands is confident that state-of-the-art technology can help ensure the very best patient care. To keep at the fore of the services provided and to simplify workflow, it was looking for a platform to manage the complex process of their operating rooms.


Despite the critical nature of the platform, the hospital needed something that would not be a distraction during surgical operations and could be scaled at a later date.


At the end of 2012, AZ Maastricht proudly opened its first hybrid operating room (OR). Barco’s IP-centric Nexxis IP imaging and audio management platform proved to best meet the complex imaging need within this innovative OR environment. Digital OR provider Mpluz helped integrate the solution in a few months’ time. 

“The success of our procedures in the hybrid operating room greatly depends on the flexibility of the system. Nexxis is a very versatile, flexible system that allows us to see, use and switch images on any monitor in the OR, without disruption,” says Prof. M. de Haan, interventional radiologist. “The platform is clear and simple, so that we can easily connect and disconnect sources. Only the used sources are visible, which is a clear benefit,” adds Klaas Braat from the IT department. “Moreover, the image remains exactly the same, with no latency or compression – what you see is what you get.”


Besides the flexibility, simplicity and quality of Nexxis, the AZ Maastricht team appreciates the scalability of the platform. Nexxis allows the hospital to easily integrate new technologies whenever needed, at an affordable price.

The solution at AZ Maastricht further includes the capability to provide synchronized event video distribution and recording. This will help the surgeons and clinicians record live operations and share the images in real time between surgical suites or with students, thus fostering collaboration and education. 

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