SCISS planetarium

Borlänge / Arendal, SE - 2014

In planetariums around the world, Barco and projectiondesign projectors are taking people on a journey through the solar system. So when SCISS, a leading provider of planetarium software, sought to extend its software offering with hardware solutions, it duly partnered with the two visualization experts.

SCISS is the team behind the Uniview software suite ‒ one of the most widely used systems for visualization in dome theaters. “Over the years, we started thinking of adding hardware to our product offering,” explains Staffan Klashed at SCISS. “It was natural for us to form an alliance with Barco and projectiondesign. Their range of products and meticulous attention to quality aligns perfectly with our ambition for the next generation of planetariums.” The result of the collaboration is the Colorspace planetarium system: a Uniview-centric system with displays in 2.5k, 4k and 8k resolution and stereoscopic 3D.

Just recently, Colorspace has been installed in two Scandinavian planetariums. The refurbished Framtidsmuseet (Museum of the Future) in Borlänge (Sweden) features a Colorspace system with two F35 projectiondesign projectors. At the Vitensenter Sørlandet science center in Arendal (Norway), SCISS set up a 5.8 by 3.8 Colorspace 3D wall with two F32 WUXGA projectors and INFITEC filters, thus building the first 3D visualization arena of its kind in Norway.

In the coming months, two Colorspace systems will be traveling to North America (Vancouver and Brooklyn), for yet another new installation. The sky is evidently not the limit, it would seem….

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