100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)

Sydney, AU - 2013

TDC provides the International Fleet Review with Projection on a massive scale

From 4 to 10 October last, the International Fleet Review celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with a spectacular show at the Sydney.

The Royal Australian Navy's 100th Anniversary Fleet Review Spectacular was the most complex, highly choreographed fireworks, projection, lighting and live action show ever seen in Australia, and centered around the famous Sydney Harbour and The Sydney Opera House. 

The focal point of the celebrations involved massive projections on both sides of the Sydney Opera House and on the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons. 

The event was seen by millions around the Sydney Harbour foreshore, along with a live broadcast to millions throughout the country and worldwide. The show was produced and conceived by Imagination Australia who brought TDC on board as video technology supplier. 

TDC deployed a total of 56 Barco projectors to deliver a stunning result, ranging from the FLM-HD20 (20,000 lumens), HDF-W26 (26,000 lumens) through to the state of the art HDQ-2K40 (40,000 lumens). All content was driven by Watchout using 26 outputs of Watchout with the entire proceedings synchronised by timecode, transmitted all across Sydney Harbour by Reidel MediorNet. 

"Months of planning and days of painstaking projector alignment and positioning was required to get every pixel lined up just right across 56 projectors, our team did a great job and we’re very proud of what we’ve delivered,” says Michael Hassett, TDC’s Managing Director. 

Watch the impressive spectacle here.

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