Barco brings precision imagery to RS Premier Bintaro Hospital Indonesia

Bintaro Jaya, ID - 2016

RS Premier Bintaro Hospital — located in Bintaro Jaya and part of the Ramsay Health Care Group — is known as a digital pioneer among Indonesian hospitals. Making the decision to digitize its medical imaging processes, RS Premier Bintaro invested in several Barco Nio diagnostics-grade monitors and accompanying equipment, for accurate, quick and confident radiological diagnoses.


  • Accurate and precise radiology readings
  • Easy calibration and use
  • Brand reputation

Clear, accurate and easy-to-read images are crucial for fast, confident radiological diagnoses across all fields of health care. Now equipped with high-quality Barco Nio monitors and accompanying graphics cards and software, RS Premier Bintaro Hospital’s radiology department takes its place among elite health care providers of the world with its capacity to provide patients with rapid and precise diagnoses.

Certified cutting-edge care

RS Premier Bintaro is the first hospital in Indonesia to use the latest JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation standards, which makes it an example in clinical excellence, patient safety, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement according to evolving technologies and changing customer needs. Making the switch to digital imaging from conventional film was identified as one of the keys to staying current and holding RS Premier Bintaro Hospital’s quality of service to an international standard.

Film becomes a relic of the past

Film isn’t just unwieldy to read – it’s also a hassle to store. Instead of filling storage rooms with physical radiology images and employing archaic filing methods to organize them, Barco’s solution is directly connected to the hospital’s PACS (picture archiving and communication system). RS Premier Bintaro’s decision to digitize medical imaging saves room when it comes to the storage of films and lightboxes, for more efficient use of space and more comfortable reading rooms.

An integrated radiology solution

Barco’s solution consists of Barco Nio 3MP and Nio 2MP diagnostics-grade monitors, Barco MXRT graphics cards and user-friendly, 2-step calibration software. This combination of products enables clear viewing, rapid loading of medical images, DICOM image enhancement and the automatic regulation and maintenance of image consistency.

Next generation imagery for next generation radiologists

Going digital with Barco enables RS Premier Bintaro Hospital to give younger generation radiologists a more confident way to diagnose patients in the comfort of their own reading rooms. This doesn’t just result in better diagnoses — it also enables all hospital staff to care for more patients, better, in the same amount of time.

Our radiologists have been raving about the new display system because it allows them to read images with a lot more confidence and efficiency

Dr. Riris Himawati Sp.Rad.

Lead Radiologist, RS Premier Bintaro

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