Accurate diagnoses, more reading comfort and time savings: why Blekinge Hospital embraced Coronis Uniti

Karlskrona, SE - 2018

Blekinge Hospital is a general hospital located on two different sites in the south of Sweden (Karlskrona and Karlshamn). Providing high-quality healthcare is of the utmost importance at Blekinge Hospital. Therefore, the radiology department uses Barco's leading Coronis Uniti® diagnostic display systems.

Barco solution 

  • Coronis Uniti® display system 
  • MediCal QAWeb quality assurance system

Why Barco? 

  • High resolution 
  • Reading comfort
  • Time-saving QA
Pinpoint breast anomalies

“We are very satisfied with the Coronis Uniti displays as they help us deliver the best possible diagnoses,” says Ms. Kerstin Elmberg, Head of the radiology department. Her colleague Mr. Edward Azavedo, Associate Professor and Radiologist, explains: “Displays used in radiology do not have a high enough resolution to spot abnormalities in mammography images. With Coronis Uniti we see the tiniest of details. Moreover, the displays greatly enhance reading comfort.” 

Automatic calibration

Ms. Maria Wirenstedt, the hospital’s radiology engineer, praises the MediCal QAWeb tool for quality assurance and compliance that comes with Coronis Uniti: “It used to take me hours to calibrate all our medical displays. Today, I can sit in my office and most is done automatically – that really helps me save a lot of time.”

Colleagues are impressed
The Blekinge healthcare workers are, by the way, not the only ones who are fond of Coronis Uniti. Colleagues from other hospitals often visit the team to see for themselves how Coronis Uniti helps Blekinge Hospital to deliver better patient outcomes. “They’re always impressed.”

Hear the story of Blekinge’s radiology team: watch the video.

We are very satisfied with the Coronis Uniti displays as they help us deliver the best possible diagnoses.

Kerstin Elmberg

Head of the radiology department at Blekinge Hospital

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