SWCC premières our RGB laser video wall – to gain an amazingly bright view on its operations

Riyadh, SA - 2018

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) desalinates seawater in order to supply the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia with fresh water and electricity. To be able to achieve its vision as a global pioneer in water desalination, SWCC is enhancing its operational performance in each of its desalination plants and transmission systems, as well as at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh. As part of that strategy, it contracted Khatib & Alami Consultancy Engineering Company and Barco partner Samir Group to build a top-notch operational dispatch center in 2017.

Barco solution

  • RGB laser rear-projection video wall 

Why Barco? 

  • High brightness
  • Extended life time
  • Low TCO
2x brighter, 25% lower TCO
Together with Khatib & Alami and Samir Group, SWCC visited some major Barco video wall installations in the region. The visit convinced SWCC to use a Barco-based dispatch center visualization solution. Samir Group suggested choosing Barco’s new RGB laser rear-projection video wall system. Specifically designed for control rooms, the ODL-721 and ODLF-721 (with front access) series feature an unprecedented laser brightness level (2x more than mainstream rear-projection video walls), vivid colors and ‘library’ noise level. More than that, it guarantees an extended life time of up to 100,000 hours (i.e. 11+ years when run 24/7) and an extremely low total cost of ownership (25% lower than conventional LED backlit video walls).

Raise productivity and safety

Today, SWCC’s operating room features a 10x2 RGB laser video wall, as well as a smaller (2x4) ODLF wall. Besides the new video walls, Barco also installed a powerful TransForm NSD-410 video wall controller to capture and display all the different sources. ClickShare helps the operators to share information at the click of the button.

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