World-class theme park Windows of the World upgrades to Barco flagship laser

Shenzhen, CN - 2018

Windows of the World is regularly ranked among the world’s top four theme parks. Located outside Shenzhen, it features about 130 large reproductions of the world’s best-known tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower. Its appeal is based on the range of things to see and do, making it one of the main attractions in the region.


  • A single Barco flagship laser (DP4K-60L)
  • A single fish-eye lens


  • Better immersive image quality for spectators
  • Simplified maintenance
Creating spectacular illusions

All theme parks are based on a certain degree of magic, making visitors believe in an illusion. That requires equipment of the highest order, and equipment that continues to keep the magic alive ride after ride, day after day. This is why the Windows of the World team constantly monitors the state of its equipment. In addition to its celebrated miniatures of landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower, the park also has a series of Flying Theaters that let visitors “fly” above Europe, the US and other regions. To achieve this, they project immersive images into a semi-spherical dome to increase the spectacular illusion of flying.

Keeping the magic alive

Over time, the park managers noticed that the four projectors they were using were gradually losing intensity. They were also looking to reduce maintenance costs and solve an issue with speckle. To find the perfect solution, Barco worked closely with their engineers to see how they could meet these twin goals.

Fewer projectors, better quality

After extensively testing several set-ups – including the use of four projectors by a competitor – the park managers eventually opted for a Barco 4K flagship laser whose power and quality enabled them to replace the four projectors with just one. Furthermore, in rides of this nature, speckle can be an issue. Barco was the only provider able to ensure that visitors enjoy the full immersive experience without the distraction of speckle.

“The Barco Flagship laser enabled us to replace four projectors with just one, and also improved the ride’s image quality by removing speckle.”

Wang Jinqing, General Manager of SMI

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