Making ARTECHOUSE an unforgettable artistic destination

New York City, US - 2020

  • Long lasting bright lasers
  • More compact projection
  • Great support from the BARCO team
  • Superior image quality and reliability
  • Unrivalled solutions and huge savings
  • Brighter than the competition with more natural colors
  • Incredibly consistent color calibrated unit out of the box
  • Durable laser technology that can withstand daily long operations hours


In 2017, noticing a lack of resources available to artists who are experimenting and using new technologies to create, co-founders Tatiana Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze debuted ARTECHOUSE. This first-of-its-kind innovative art space, with permanent locations in DC, Miami, and NYC, is home to 21st-century artists who work with innovative technology and new forms of creative expression. By leveraging Barco’s various product solutions, ARTECHOUSE is able to bring contemporary art to life.

“We accomplished an impressive seamless playback of 17K, 100 megapixels combined in our NYC location through Barco’s consistent and vibrant color registration.” Riki Kim, Production Director ARTECHOUSE®

Transforming imaginative art into immersive exhibits

Welcome to Chelsea’s Historic Boiler Room, where ARTECHOUSE established their NYC venue in September 2019. It features the world’s first art space to ever integrate Hyperreal Sound technology. For an unparalleled experience, the venue also features the world’s largest seamless megapixel count by utilizing 18 Barco UDX 4K32 projectors and UST lenses. With a 24/7 runtime and the widest color spectrum in the industry, the UDX projectors provide the reliability and color accuracy the artists need to perfectly convey their work.

As with all museums and art spaces, installations cycle in and out frequently, so the projectors must be capable of adapting accordingly. With UDX's unique FLEX² feature, the NYC art space can quickly adjust to different showcases with ease. It allows the units to tune and lock their brightness and resolution whenever a new installation is implemented. Plus, when combined with the UST lenses, the UDX 4K32 can cover a large surface area in a short distance. Because of these features, ARTECHOUSE avoided the additional costs of extra projectors and can create the best modifiable displays possible. 

“At ARTECHOUSE, we try to connect audiences to art in an entirely new way; stimulating minds, emotions, and imagination through multiple touchpoints. Technology plays a key role in supporting that. Our exhibitions offer us an opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art technology and design tools to push the possibilities and truly immerse people into concepts.” -Sandro Kereselidze, ARTECHOUSE founder and Chief Creative Officer.

With Barco’s help, every square-inch of ARTECHOUSE’s historic 6000-square-foot space in NYC can host cutting-edge, experiential installations. As with all their locations, each venue is one-of-a-kind and surpasses any artistic destination in the United States, or the world for that matter. By leveraging Barco’s innovative solutions, the venues can host unforgettable showcases that are so incredible, you have to physically be there to believe they’re real.

Now, let’s jump down south to Florida! In 2018, ARTECHOUSE’s Miami Beach venue debuted during the most artistically fueled week of the year, Miami Art Week. The location employs six Barco F80 projectors with UST lenses offering an exclusive sensory experience of technologically powered works that allow guests to explore art in an entirely new way.

Like the New York location, Barco’s UST lenses make the most of every square-inch in ARTECHOUSE’s unique Miami space. Due to the silent operation, Single Step Processing, and 24/7 run time of the F80, the venue eliminates any disruptions to the art and presents pieces exactly as the artists designed them to be. Barco’s unique product and functionality features allow equally original spaces, like ARTECHOUSE, to create unobstructed, mind-blowing experiences for every visitor.

The projectors also include 3D capabilities to give featured artists even more creative liberty. To ensure great displays week to week, the F80 projectors utilize a laser-phosphor light source and advanced cooling design. This provides longer operating times without the need to change lamps, as well as, considerable savings on costs and consumables in the future.

Better experiences begin with Barco

Ultimately, Barco helped the founders of ARTECHOUSE take a concept that many would consider impossible or far-fetched and make it a reality. This is what Barco is all about. In a world where data and rich content are expanding exponentially, we empower people with inspired sight, sound, and sharing solutions to create meaningful connections. Every day, we’re enabling bright outcomes and when you combine your creative ideas with Barco’s industry leading solutions, the possibilities are endless.

“Barco’s product provided a vibrant yet more natural color tone that was vital in not just awe-inspiring, but immersing the visitors into the art.” – Riki Kim, Production Director ARTECHOUSE®

At ARTECHOUSE, we try to connect audiences to art in an entirely new way...Technology plays a key role in supporting that.

Sandro Kereselidze

ARTECHOUSE founder and Chief Creative Officer

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