Barco brings light to the riversides of Jiang’an

成都, CN - 2021

Why Barco?

  • Compact design and sharp images
  • Outstanding processing capabilities such as image warping on irregular surfaces and image blending
  • Responsible and professional team for installation and services

The Jiang'an River Park is situated at the Wenjiang District of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It boasts 73,000 m² of greenery and 2.74 km of greenways that showcase the ecological and cultural characteristics of the western Sichuan region. The banks of the Wufeng section of the Jiang'an river were once untended and covered with overgrown weeds. In an attempt to improve the cultural image of the city and people's well-being, the government is now promoting a lighting project known as "Greenway + Landscape Enhancement". The floor projection mapping, enabled by Barco UDX, is the finishing touch to "A Night Tour of Jiang'an" serving as the business card of the city, carrying the beauty of nature and promoting the concept of livability. When the evening lights are lit, the projections visualize colorful fish along the banks, turning the site into an amusement park or a dancing floor, where people are immersed in the stunning spectacle of light.

The challenge: Large-scale image warping and blending

Located in Area B of the Jiang'an River Park, this projection mapping project requires the entire floor of the Culture Square to be covered with projection images, creating a 67m x 18m "scroll" of interactive visuals. The spectacular projections are made possible by professional cooperation between Barco and its partners.

One of the main challenges is the irregular curving edges of the square. Twenty-one UDX-W22s are employed to build a seamless image with the best possible color accuracy, and with meticulous geometric correction adjusting the images to fit the edges of the surface. The Barco UDX-W22 benefits from its 3DLP technology and high image quality to ensure smooth displays of accurate colors at all times. Its Constant Light Output (CLO) function provides consistent brightness and colors, offering an ultra-wide color spectrum with high brightness levels.

Compact design for demanding environments of installation

The climate in Sichuan region is humid and rainy, characterized by large temperature differences between day and night. In addition, the floor projection asked for an installation on an elevated frame and frequent screenings. Therefore, the project has stringent requirements on installation, transportation and operational stability.

Thanks to its compact design, UDX-W22 is easier to transport and install. On top of enabling high-quality images, it also allows more flexibility and freedom in the design and construction of the projection mapping. Equipped with cooling function, the Barco UDX-W22 features a laser phosphor light source that has a long lifetime and high reliability. And the modular components reduce repair time and maintenance costs. Together with a professional outdoor installation case, the product makes the operation and maintenance of the whole project more secure and reliable.

Illuminating the night, Barco enables varying scenarios

The combination of the Jiang'an River Park, twenty-one units of Barco UDX-W22s, novel light poles and a complex lighting set-up creates a three-dimensional, multi-layered riverside visual space.

During summer, residents are drawn to the aquarium beneath their feet, where gigantic whales swim gracefully past, gorgeous rays flap their dorsal fins, jellyfish and small fish are brought to life, weaving in and out. The river gurgles, pulsing with happiness, while the captivating imagery, illuminated by the projectors, offers endless possibilities for a night tour, bringing to the park peace and poetic charm.

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