Children in Bethlehem will get the best possible healthcare, thanks to Coronis Uniti

Bethlehem, PS - 2017

‘We are here’ has been the motto of the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem, Palestine, ever since Father Schnydrig, a Swiss priest, founded it in 1952. In spite of everything that happened in the region in the past 65 years, the hospital has indeed been ‘there’, providing children with high-quality healthcare services – thanks to the support of international aid organization Children’s Relief Bethlehem. Since 2016, Barco has been present at the hospital, helping radiologists ensure optimal healthcare outcomes.


  • Enhanced workflow
  • Outstanding image quality

Reading PACS and medical images

In 2016, Caritas Baby Hospital provided medical assistance to 46,000 children. To ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes, Children’s Relief Bethlehem launched a thorough radiology department renovation (funded by USAID). “We wanted state-of-the-art technology in our imaging department, so the radiology department underwent a complete makeover: the rooms were renovated, the plain x-ray system was swapped for a fully digital combined radiography and fluoroscopy system, and we installed a tablet-like ultrasound as well as a PACS system,” explains Issa Bandak, CEO of Caritas Baby Hospital.

“It was clear that the perfect match would be The Coronis Uniti, as it allowed Stradus® PACS access, as well as the reading of medical images,” says Adham Rishmawi, Vice President of Medipharm Co. Ltd., the system integrator. “The result: the radiology department loves the display system!”

Enhancing radiologist workflows

The Caritas Baby Hospital became the first hospital in Palestine to deploy Coronis Uniti. Dr. Rafiq Al-Bad, Head Radiologist at CBH says: “The Coronis Uniti allows us to display MRI, CT, fluoroscopy, breast imaging, endoscopy and echocardiogram feeds on a single screen, together with PACS data. This makes it simple and efficient for us to compare and contrast the results of multiple studies without consulting additional displays. Relying on Coronis Uniti as our main diagnostic station has really improved our workflow.”

Detecting anomalies more quickly

Dr. Al-Bad continues: “More than that, the image quality is outstanding. Images are of high-resolution, and the colors are exceptionally crisp. This helps us to better detect anomalies in conventional and contrast radiology, mammograms, CT scans and MRIs.” In addition to our Coronis Uniti system, Caritas Baby Hospital also installed a Nio Color 3MP display from Barco as a secondary diagnostic station. That, too, will help the radiologists make precise diagnoses—ensuring the best healthcare is provided to the patients”.

Relying on Coronis Uniti as our main diagnostic station has improved our workflow. More than that, the image quality is outstanding.

Dr. Rafiq Al-Bad

Head Radiologist at CBH

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