30 août 2023

When "Art" embraces "Art"...

Beijing, CN - 2023

On March 14th, 2023, two ingenious digital art exhibitions kicked off at the China Academy of Art, featuring Barco projections that presented exciting visual effects for select works. The encounter between Barco projection art and traditional art ignited unprecedented vitality between crypto art and traditional art, delivering the audience a breathtaking visual feast.

Barco solutions:

  • 7 × G60-W7
  • 1 × F80-Q12
  • 6 × UDM-W22

Key benefits:

  • Highly saturated color representation with powerful color dynamics, achieving precise reproduction of digital artworks
  • Sleek and compact design, adapting flexibly to the space requirements of various exhibition venues
  • Extensive lens shift range, enhancing flexibility and presentation in art exhibitions
  • High reliability, ensuring long-term stable operation




    On March 14, 2023, in conjunction with the Dynamic Art Museum (Milan, Italy), the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Art Museum pioneered the first international exhibition of crypto art in China's national key art museums. "Crypto Art: A New Possibility."  explores the aesthetics of crypto art together with the audience. 

    On the same day, the "Great Virtue and Achievements" memorial exhibition was held in honor of six late CAFA artists: Zhou Lingzhao, Zhong Han, Deng Shu, Hou Yimin, Zhan Jianjun, and Li Huaji. Iconic works were reproduced through projection as a tribute to these pioneers. Barco presented numerous works with splendid visual effects using projection mapping. 

    The convergence of projection art and exhibition art brought the novelty of modern art and the classics of traditional art together, offering a new and innovative aesthetic experience to the audience.




    Exhibiting digital artwork involves considerations like the venue's structure, size, and lighting, which impact the presentation effect. Varying lighting conditions in the exhibition hall can affect projection clarity and color accuracy. The dimensions and shape of the exhibition area also affect projector arrangement. Thus, projection equipment must accommodate diverse spatial requirements and lighting conditions to ensure optimal presentation of the artworks in various environments.

    In addition, while enjoying the exhibition, the audience often tends to examine the artworks up close, which places higher demands on the resolution and clarity in projected images. Projectors must boast sufficient resolution and quality for clear visibility of details and an excellent viewing experience.




    Considering the limited exhibition area, Barco's professional team customized visual solutions for both digital art exhibitions using 7 × G60-W7, 1 × F80-Q12, and 6 × UDM-W22 projectors.

    The Barco G60-W7 projectors offer highly saturated colors for consistent and accurate color reproduction, showcasing artwork brilliantly with dynamic color dynamics. The projector's compact size and lightweight design add convenience to the art exhibition. The extended lens shift range bestows greater flexibility on the art presentation, breaking limitations and conveying a liberating, dynamic vitality. 

    Additionally, the Barco UDM-W22 projector, compact in design, boasts 360° installation at any angle among projectors with equivalent brightness levels. This offers technicians complete deployment flexibility, effectively resolving installation challenges. Furthermore, the UDM's long service life and high reliability minimize downtime due to environmental factors, saving significant labor and time costs.




    Under Barco's professional team's guidance, 6 sets of G60-W7 and 1 set of F80-Q12 projectors performed exceptionally well in the space-constrained art museum. Renowned for their exceptional color rendition, the Barco projectors restored digital images on white walls, creating a visually stunning spectacle for the audience.

    The Barco projectors not only adapt flexibly to various venues but also provide digital artworks with greater expressive power, thus bringing a brand-new aesthetic experience to the audience.

    Chunchen Wang

    Vice-curator, CAFA Art Museum

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